What to Wear When You’re Travelling?

If we plan for a holiday trip, the first thing that comes to our mind is what we will wear on holidays? Holiday clothing should be comfortable enough to travel around in, as well as look good in pictures. When you go on a shopping spree before your trip, remember that these memories are going to be forever. So your clothing should make your trip easier, not become a hassle for you to handle. Thus, keep in mind the weather of the place you are going, the amount of luggage you can carry, and your overall itinerary.

If you are planning for your journey and looking for some outfit ideas, you have come to the right place. 

Woollen Sweater

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The snowy and dewy weather looks incredible, but you will not be able to enjoy it if you are shivering due to that. Always include a cute woollen sweater in your bag, even if the weather prediction says it will not be cold. You can go for prints, knit, or shimmery sweaters that not only serve the purpose but will also upgrade your holiday pictures. 


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Pyjamas are easy and comfortable clothes for spending the holiday in. While loungewear is not considered fashionable, you can opt for athleisure that will give you the trend as well as comfort. Particularly when you are travelling between destinations, pyjamas become an obvious choice that gives you the freedom of movement. 

Shimmery Sequin 

If you are planning to party during your holiday trip, shimmery sequins are a must-have. They look amazing and are easy to carry. Plus, sequins never go out of fashion so it’s a win-win for you! 

Turtleneck combined with jeans and a blazer

This combination is forever in vogue. It looks classy, sophisticated and gives you comfort and ease. Enjoy the winter weather by wearing blue colour jeans and a black turtleneck with a black Blazer. With the addition of leather boots, this outfit becomes complete. 

Long tunic 

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Many women’s favourite dresses are long tunics. Pairing a long tunic with skin-fit jeans or shorts will give you a high fashion look instantly. Long tunics have multiple designs with different types of neck and slits which you can choose according to the occasion. 


If you don’t like athleisure, then leggings are a better option for you. They come in various colours, prints and patterns and can complete any outfit. They are comfortable and give you freedom of movement. Thus, forget those skin-tight jeans! 

Down Jacket 

Down Jackets keep you warm. If you are travelling then be sure to pack this type of jacket. It is lightweight and can easily be carried with any outfit that you plan. Pair your down jacket with a pair of leather boots and skin-fit bottom for a perfect look.



Boots give you a fashionable look as well as they are comfortable. Sneakers and flats give you the ease of movement, but they do not elevate every outfit. Heels are not suitable for wearing while travelling. So boots solve all the problems! They have soft inner material, and many boots are also waterproof. You will have no issue wandering around in them. 

Versatile hats


Pack a versatile hat to save your hair from the wind and humidity. Make sure you have options to match your many outfits from hats. Hats are a saviour from unexpected strong sunlight and will give you an instant high-fashion look. Make sure to choose the right style of hat for your face and outfit. 

Don’t spend too much time getting ready in your room! Go out, explore the city, click pictures and make memories! 

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