What Kind of Gifts Do Travellers Love?

Finding a gift for someone who has wanderlust is a tough job. These people are constantly travelling and need stuff that is both useful and travel friendly at the same time. Travellers carry less luggage and pack things that are extremely essential, lightweight and compact. If you are looking for a perfect gift for a traveller this festive season, or any other special occasion, we have curated a collection of top 15 best gifting ideas for travellers that will be etched in the hearts of a traveller for years to come:

Polaroid Camera

The main purpose of travelling is to witness the beauty that the world has to offer and capture those beautiful memories to cherish them for a lifetime. Having a Polaroid camera is a must for a traveller as it allows them to click instant aesthetic photographs. You might have seen Polaroid photographs on people’s bedroom walls, fridges, cabinets and cupboards.  It is easy to use, a portable and sleek looking camera with brilliant features and hence, perfect to travel with.

Portable charger 

Phones have revolutionized our entire lifestyle and are now an inseparable part of our everyday lives. Travellers use their phone to stay connected with their family and friends from miles apart. Phones also act as guides when they lose their ways in the middle of their journey. The Internet has made travelling easier as the maps can easily be accessed through them. But the phone’s batteries usually drain after a few hours of usage, most importantly, people while travelling face several difficulties as they don’t easily get charging points to charge their phones that’s when portable chargers will save the day.

Electric kettle 

Don’t let your traveller friends miss their morning tea while exploring the world. Gift them an electric kettle and give them the pleasure of a steaming hot cup of drink. Just a quick boil and your tea or coffee get instantly ready. These kettles come with excellent features, and are lightweight as well as are convenient to carry.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers

These portable speakers can be easily paired with your phones and will be a great companion in your hiking, camping and sightseeing diaries. They come in different varieties, colours and incredible features. You can enjoy a soothing song while camping at night or play your favourite party song on your beach part and what makes it travel friendly is its portability and durability.

Luggage Scales


Travellers often get tensed about the luggage being overweight. Portable luggage scales will be a lifesaver and will allow them to shop worry-free without caring about the extra weight.

Travel Bag

Perhaps the most essential part required by a traveller is a sturdy durable backpack. The travel bags are larger than usual bags and have distinctive features. They are waterproof, have bottle spaces, laptop space and enough space to accommodate all the travel essentials. Gifting a great travel bag seems to be a practical and thoughtful choice.



Gift Kindle to a travel lover, a companion to help him pass time during exhausting train, flight or bus rides. Carrying hard copies of books while travelling doesn’t seem like a wise choice. But this e-reader is compact, lightweight and easy to carry. These have a wide variety of books ranging from fiction, non-fiction, biographies and travel guides. They are waterproof and have brightness settings to ensure visibility even during bright sunny days.

Packing Cubes

Help a traveller to be organized during his long journeys by giving him a set of packing cubes. These allow them to keep the interiors of their backpacks neat and make it easier to find stuff inside the bag that you are looking for. For all the messy and clumsy people out there, these organisers are the perfect gift for your travel diaries.

Thermos stainless steel flask

Whether it is a long trip to a hill station or a journey to a hot and humid place, the thermos flasks are a must need for every traveller. They keep tea/ coffee warm for over 24 hours and cold beverages stay cool and refreshing for over a day. They come in different sizes and styles and will be a lifesaver during trips.  

Travel Pillow

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Who said travelling is only fun and involves no pain? After long hours of travelling, people often experience dreadful cramps on their necks and back area. A soft travel pillow is by far the most affordable and thoughtful gift you could give to your hodophile buddy. These ensure comfort during long tiring rides and allows you to rest your neck and sleep at a relaxing position throughout the journey.

Toiletry Case

At the time of travelling, it is important to store your essentials at one place where it is easy to find them. A toiletry case will help you to organize your basic toiletries and prevent cluttering.

Noise Cancellation Headphones 

These headphones are ideal for long bus rides or train rides where it is difficult to find a peaceful place to relax. Just put them on and listen to your favourite music amidst all the background noises.

Reusable cutlery

Gift reusable plates, spoon, forks and knives that are eco friendly and easy to carry. It helps people to curb the use of plastic while travelling.

Board games

Board games like Monopoly, Ludo, Chess can entertain travellers during their long journeys. They are a wonderful opportunity to relive your childhood days and make the most of your leisure time during travelling

Gift a Trip

Though the above-mentioned gifting ideas are unique and thoughtful for a person who loves to travel, the best gift you can give to a travel lover is a gift of travel. If you are willing to spend a considerable amount of money on a gift, try and plan a trip to an exotic destination for your traveller buddy. 


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