What Is The Best Toddler Bike Seat while travelling?

Riding alongside a toddler is one of the best ways to make the toddler excited and introduce them to cycles. It is great until you realize that they are up to speed and to pedal on their own. It is always a great idea to get them on board on your bike. One can easily do so by toddler bike seat. There are typically two styles of child bike seats, one is mounted on the front, and the other is mounted on the rear. Both seats are suitable for a child from around six months old to around four to six years old. If one carries extra luggage or more than one child, it is always a great idea to opt for child bike trailers. If you do not know much about bike seats, yet want one for your child, this article has got you covered. Though there are many types of bike seats available in this article, we will be mainly discussing four of them. Each carries its significance, and one should always choose the one which suits his situation the most. This article will guide you through what is the best toddler bike seat and how to choose one. 

Rear Child Bike Seats

The rear toddler bike seat is one of the most common bike seats that is used. There are mainly three designs from which a person can decide. One is a seat that is cantilevered from the seat tube, the second is mounted on a rear rack, and the third is when the seat stays by long legs. They come in lots of different sizes and shapes, and one should decide according to what’s best for them. Though they are minimal in design, they tend to provide good back and front support.

Cantilevered Rear Child Seat

A cantilevered toddler bike seat takes the help of a plastic mount clamp which sandwiches your seat tube. Two prongs are clipped from the child’s seat to position on the mount. As soon as the mount is attached, the child seat can be easily be removed by an easy quick release system which makes the prongs unclip in no time.

Rack-Mounted Rear Child Seat

As the name suggests, it has a rack-mounted system in which the child seat slides on the top of the rack and is mainly anchored in place alongside a strap for a safety attached to the seat tube. This makes the seat removal a much easier process.

Anchor Point Rear Child Seat

Anchor point rear child seat option uses two anchor points, the first one is the seat tube, and the second is seat stays. It is a mix of the first two toddler bike seat options discussed earlier. However, it offers more support than the cantilever option. Moreover, it does not need rack mount eyelets, but one must check the cable routing on the seat tube. Like others, it also offers a quick-release mount, making bike seat removal an easy process.

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