10 Ways to Earn While Travelling Your Whole Life

10 Ways to Earn While Travelling Your Whole Life

Have you ever travelled somewhere?

Ah, what a silly question it is?

Everybody has to travel from one place to another either for school, job, business, or entertainment. It is full of enjoyment while sometimes contains many pains.

Whatever the experience will be but the fact is that it teaches the traveller a lot, and he/she learns a new perspective to look into life.

Furthermore, various people love to travel because it gives awareness about different cultures while enjoying freedom and liberty.

Travelling itself happened through spending money.

In fact, if anyone wishes to earn cash during the journey, he/she had to work conventionally that causes the tough experience of earning money for coping up expenses and travelling smooth and hassle-free within a restricted budget.

Casual jobs like repair and maintenance work, an attendant in a busy restaurant, or something similar to it might be found easily; however, these are not reliable options when it comes to earning good money.

Therefore, people ignore such jobs during their journey.

It is prescribed to investigate all the possible options to earn while travelling and adopt the most suitable one.

Moreover, also check other options as a plan ‘B’ so that you won’t be stacked anywhere.

There are numerous methods to earn while travelling.

Some of them are as follows in which you need a computer, tablet, or smartphones with a reliable internet connection.

1. Sell Your Photos

Sell Your Photos

Sell your photos to earn while travelling.


While travelling, major chances are you will pick up some exciting photographs that nobody has ever seen before.

A lot of people make money by selling their photos on different sites used by website owners, publication houses, and bloggers, so you can list your pictures on these.

This can also remain an excellent secondary income when you return from the tour.


2. Travel Blogging

Travel blogging is the ultimate key to your freedom. The beauty of this job is the location independence, and you can work in your pyjamas from anywhere in the World.

If you can create a website, or social media account feeds that attracts a good number of daily audience, you can monetize it.

People will pay a fortune for you to share their products or services with the lead generation that follows you.

You can also do affiliate marketing, this may not need you to get the big numbers; however, you have to be smart with a sound knowledge of SEO.

Some of the more prominent publications may send you out on a job. For example:

  • Report the opening of new hotels in various destinations
  • A unique festival in a region
  • Sharing the experience of the culinary scene

You just need to reach out to myriad publications in the finance, lifestyle, showbiz and travel industries and get yourself a few good gigs.


3. Join the Tourism Industry

Working with a travel or tourism agency may not ensure that you will be travelling all the time, but a job in the travel industry might be perfect for you if you love to travel frequently.

A stable income, plenty of good networking in the right position gets you to travel as part of your work.

Work in the travel industry is an excellent resource for anyone who loves to explore new places.


4. Become a Social Media Influencer

Become a Social Media Influencer

Become a social media influencer to earn while travelling.


An influencer is a title that has become popular in the last decade with the development of social media.

Social media influencers are basically Instagrammers, Youtube vloggers, and Pinterest or Twitter feed posters who can influence the mindset and action of lead generation.

To become a social media influencer while travelling, you will need equipment like clothing, transportation, and accommodations.

You can contact brands providing these and offering you to be an ambassador for them.

Some of them will be more prone to make a deal with you if you already have respectable followers on social media.

Consider working with smaller brands initially, who need exposure just as much as you; they’ll be easier to persuade to sponsor you.


5. Freelance Writer

Writers are in demand nowadays. Numerous organizations hire a guy who can work as a freelance writer.

Such a writer must possess excellent scripting skills and very well aware of crafting fluency in the article. Moreover, he/she can produce a mistake-free content.

Do you have such capability to compose an informative and fantastic piece of write-up?

If yes, then, explore the digital world, someone was waiting for your online writing services and eagerly needed a blog post or material for the website.

If you are qualified in any field like; marketing, finance, or health industry, then you can also be an excellent academic writer while attending some useful CME’s and travelling for fun.

For contacting them, you have some great samples to show the clients for getting this job.

You can easily search reliable and reputable freelancing web portals such as freelancer, Australian Master, and Crowd Writer. Just create an account with them, set your profile to get orders, and start earning.


6. Flight Attendant

This job is one of the most magnificent ideas of travelling to make a living because you are basically paid to travel.

You may get pretty tired when you fly more than 100 hours per month. However, you are also able to explore places that you would never have been before.

Also, you can get flight discounts for you and your family. So if you don’t want to be one, encourage someone in your family to consider the idea.


7. Cruise Ship Crew

Travelling does not have to be by air or land by rules. Cruise ships offer vast travel experience and provide a high level of comfort as well.

This is an excellent way to earn fortune money along with getting a taste of the World’s most beautiful coasts, gaining some solid work experiences and networking with both fellow crew and passengers from different regions of the World.


8. Guest Lecturer or Public Speaker

To become a guest lecturer or a public speaker, you do need to acquire some reputation in your field of study.

Despite your speciality, there are people around the globe, organizing events for training and development of newbies.

You can offer to give your feedback or to teach a specific point of your speciality.

For example, many marketing specialists and entrepreneurs travel to a variety of destinations to speak at a conference on how to build your brand.

Most often, their transportations and accommodations are sponsored by the organizers, and they also get a decent pay in the process.


9. Become a Tour Guide

Become a Tour Guide

Become a tour guide to earn while travelling.


Leading tourists to some of the World’s most historic and iconic places is a dream job to many. It can offer you a lot of variety, depending on how you approach it.

You can become a tour guide in one dream place and lead hordes of tourists through the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty to the Pyramids of Giza or The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Also, you can lead tourist groups on trips that go through a number of destinations as well.

Being a Long-term guide can get you a contract or a full-time job from a touring company, which not only adds stability to your job but also means; they will be dealing with all the logistics that come with trying to manage a group of demanding tourists.

You just have to be prepared to be extroverted and friendly at all times, even when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed.


10. Get Adventurous

Surfing attracts dozens of beginners whose dream is to be able to stand on a board. Many instructors at the beach teach part-time surfing.

 You can ask to join in as well or spot the beginners at the beach and offer to give some tips.

There are many surfing spots worldwide, and you can easily travel to the best places on earth and teach how to surf there.

The same goes for scuba-diving, at the exemption that you do need to be certified to become an instructor.

Beginners are curious to breathe underwater for a while and see the beauty that lies in the deep waters with their own eyes.

You can find a scuba-diving center and ask if they need a new person to help with the newbies. You will get paid to do something you love.

Also, there are plenty of diving websites in the World, and it’s a beautiful way to travel there and make ends meet!


Enjoy Life With Full Energy

There are tons of other ways to spend your whole life travelling while earning and exploring the World.

After reading this article, at least you are prepared to diversify your sources of revenue and start making a passive income.

As we have told you at the beginning of this article, to sponsor your travelling expenses, don’t count on a destination-based source of money.

Work with more than a way to generate money when you are on wheels. By this, you can assure yourself increased cash in your pocket and reduce economic risks.

So, get your bags packed and hit the list to get to a timeless journey of adventures and excitement.

Explore the ultimate experience of travelling and nourish your soul with a fantastic charisma of the endless beauty of the World!

Bon voyage!

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