20+ Travel Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers

20+ Travel Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers

Is travelling one of your passions in life? Are you so far gone that the frequency of your travels has led you to start a travel blogIf so, you might just be at a loss as to what to post next. Nowadays, there are so many travel blogs and social media accounts that it can be difficult to find a way to rise above the rest. So much has already been done, so it can also be pretty hard to find your unique take on things. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of 22 travel blog post ideas that are sure to wow your existing audience and bring in new readers as well. 

All aboard? Let’s go.


Squeezing out Every Drop from One Great Trip

The key to having a successful travel blog is having varied and engaging content that offers information and entertainment to your readers.

It doesn’t, however, mean that you have to travel three times a month to ensure you’ll have enough to write about.

There’s a wide variety of travel blog post ideas that focuses on one trip only. 

Let’s say you spent a week in Vienna recently. Here’s how you can break it apart:

  • My Week in Vienna: the Itinerary
  • Museums Quartier Day 1
  • Museums Quartier Day 2
  • Best Viennese Hotels to Stay on a Budget
  • Nauseaville: What Rides to Avoid in Prater
  • A Sachertorte Here, a Bratwurst There: How to Eat Your Way through Vienna
  • What to Pack for a Wintery Week in Vienna
  • You Have Not Experienced Winter Holidays Until You’ve Experienced Them in Vienna



Describing your itinerary is a great way of starting this series of posts. 

It will give your readers an idea of what to expect, help them plan their own trips, and even make them reach out and ask you to elaborate on certain parts of it.

You should then break up different activities into separate posts which will allow you to write about the experience at length.

It is also good to talk about your accommodation as it can provide your readers with information they are looking for. 

The same goes for providing a packing list

Just make sure that you give truthful reviews of items or places as that will ensure your readers keep coming back.

An adventure post is also informative, but, even more importantly, it allows you to put your writing chops to good use and give your blog some character.

Food is an important part of traveling, so you should definitely give it its own post and share your experiences, whether they be positive or negative.

Finally, an inspirational or convincing post is what you can round off this series with. 

Plenty of travel blog ideas for a weary travel blogger, so get cracking!


Unusual Travel Blog Post Ideas

One of the ways of setting yourself apart is by finding a unique approach to blogging about travel, your very own niche.

For example, you can make a series of posts about what to do when you enjoy traveling to a destination so much that you decide to move there.

This actually happens more often than you’d think. 

One of the reasons for it is that people often meet someone they fall in love with on vacation.

If they manage to get the relationship to work, they might very well move to be together.

This gives you a unique perspective on travel and also opens up the space to partner up with many different companies.

You could get sponsorship from an airline or even moving companies like fourwinds-ksa.com that handle international relocations.

Every place is different, so you would always have a lot of material.

You can workshop travel blog post ideas like:

  • Seeing Your Long-Distance Partner Often on a Budget
  • Expats in… 101
  • How to Save Money When Travelling Often
  • Where to Start with Your Relocation
  • Overcoming the Language Barrier


Travel Blog Post Ideas (When No One Is Traveling)

20+ Travel Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers

The coronavirus pandemic really ground the world to a halt. 

One of the first things we take for granted that we had to let go of was traveling. 

No one has felt this more than you if you are a travel blogger. 

Even though restrictions have let up during the summer, lots of people are still wary of going anywhere if it is not absolutely necessary. 

However, just because you are not travelling doesn’t mean that you can’t still capture your audience’s attention with cool posts.



Unfortunately, the pandemic caused a lot of cancelations to take place with regards to traveling. 

One of the ways you can be useful to your audience in “the new normal” as they call it is by guiding them through the process of canceling their hotel bookings and flights or asking for a refund. 

Some of the travel blog post ideas in those circumstances would be:

  • How to Know When to Cancel a Trip
  • How to Get a Refund for Your Flight
  • Dealing with the Disappointment of Canceled Plans



This is not limited to the times of a pandemic, but making a good throwback post can be a great way to produce some content whenever you are unable to travel. 

You can do anything from making a round-up post of your favorite locations to going a little bit more in-depth on an experience you only skated over in the past. 

You can also give more detailed descriptions of certain parts of the travel industry or vacation planning

Here are some travel blog post ideas that draw on your past experiences:

  • All-Time Favorite Spots
  • Best Travel Apps
  • Behind the Scenes of My Trip to…


Future Planning

Sometimes it may seem as if we are never going to travel again. 

However, we will get through this and then you’ll be able to experience this great activity as if for the first time. 

What better way to get over the disappointment of canceled plans than to make new ones?

  • Best In-Flight Movies to Watch
  • Useful Phrases I Picked Up Along the Way
  • The First 5 Places to Visit Post-COVID

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