Travel Blog Names: 20 Fun Names+Ideas

Travel Blog Names: 20 Fun Names + Ideas

Nothing sells a blog as its name, so make sure you grab your readers’ attention with the first word they see – its title. Whether you wish to start your travel agency or you’re just an avid traveller wishing to share experiences with others, investing in a blog is unavoidable these days.  Here are 20 travel blog names we have selected for their obvious qualities. 

Hurry up before all the good domains are sold out!


1. Confessions of a Travel Freak

Travel Blog Names

Does every travel blog need to be the same? Of course not!

Make a difference by leading your readers to destinations and places never seen before. 

And do not just tell a story, confess it.

With a travel blog name like this, readers will beg for more posts.


2. The Travel Times of My Life

If the best times in your life were and are during your travels, then read no further. 

You have found the perfect name for your travel blog, the one that resonates with you. 

That is the most important, in addition to finding a good hosting company as a home to your blog.


3. Travel Titan

Of all travel blog names, and blog names in general, people most often remember those that remind them of movies and pop culture. 

Why don’t you bring popular culture and ancient myths together while you write about all those legendary places you have visited?


4. Wings and Wheels

Sometimes what it isn’t as good as what readers imagine.

And sometimes it is much better.

Aeroplanes and cars take people to locations, wings and wheels take them to dream destinations.


5. My Travel Truth

Blog Name Generator

Have you ever dreamed of going far away and making your dream destination your home and your office? 

It can happen. You can relocate anywhere in the world with ease and start your travel blogging career. 

Aside from a good strategy, you need an eye-catching, honest blog name. 

Is there anything better than your version of events?

We seriously doubt it.


6. Team Earth

Team up with your DSLR camera, trusty backpack, and sound recorder to capture your travel experience on the go. 

When you’re ready to post it, show the audience on whose side you are with this amazing blog name.

Team Earth, you win!


7. Chasing Horizons

The bad news is, you will never catch them.

The good news is that you have caught your readers’ attention with one of the most unique travel blog names in the world.


8. Earth Expert

Earth Expert

Nothing says “I know what I’m writing about” than a title with the word expert in it. 

Whether your readers believe you or not is another matter.

Now that you have their attention, you will have to present some high-quality content. 

It shouldn’t be too difficult for a travel blogger who chooses to call themselves an Earth expert.


9. World Savvy

Show off your knowledge of the world’s best adventure destinations on your travel blog. 

This blog name is so full of confidence it overflows. 

Hopefully, it will make your readers world-savvy one day, too.


10. The Art of Travel

Travel Blog Names: 20 Fun Names+Ideas

Some places never change and it takes an artist to present them in a unique way. 

It also takes a good title to show that one-of-a-kind travel blog of yours.

Hence, make your blog your gallery!


11. Playground Earth

If you never stop travelling, then the whole world is your playground. 

Your job is to make your audience see the world through your eyes. 

The first step is to invite them to your website.

With one of the travel blog names that remind them of carefree times, of course.


12. Worldwind

Catch your readers’ attention like a whirlwind, starting with the blog’s name. 

This interesting wordplay will lure an audience to your site. 

However, only you can keep them interested by filling your posts with the massive energy of your travel experience. 


13. Travel Addict

Travel Addict

It is still perfectly legal to be addicted to travel. We checked.

Now it is up to you to check which domains are free and grab this blog name fast.

Mind you, there are many, many travel addicts out there.


14. Friendly Explorer

Travel is not just about visiting places; it is also about discovering cultures.

Your friendly, outgoing nature will win the hearts of the people you meet on your travels.

And this travel blog name will win you readers for sure!


15. Travel Tip Exchange

What if you don’t like to write so much? 

Allow other travellers to contribute and share their experience on your blog!

Make your blog a place where people exchange their travel tips and make sure to name it clearly.


16. World Wizard

It may sound presumptuous at first look, but what if you really are a travel wizard? 

If you can summon great stories of your world travel in an interesting and breathtaking way, then you are one. 

Feel free to brag about your globetrotting skills. 

It is your travel blog with an awesome name, after all, so work your magic.


17. Roam Alone

Travel Blog Names: 20 Fun Names+Ideas

You are a loner who relies on his/her own devices and prefers to travel to world destinations solo

And yet, you wish that others hear the story of your endeavours.

Know that you can get the best of both worlds.

Also, travel blog names don’t have to be dull, and this one gives off an air of danger and adventure.

Roam the world alone and share your experience on your travel website. 

Its name is entirely fictional and slightly inspired by that family movie.


18. Travel Treasures

This is what you do: you gather and share the treasure of your travels.

So why not name your blog adequately? 

The best part about it is that both you and your readers get richer for it – the perfect kind of treasure.


19. Getaway Earth

Where do you go when you need to escape your current place?

To your travel blog, of course!

Post anecdotes and share stories and helpful tips in your own, unique way. 

Make your blog a getaway to other people, too.


20. Travel Overload

Is there such thing as travel overload?

We seriously doubt it. 

But one thing is beyond any suspicion.

This is one of the best travel blog names for a travel enthusiast who just can’t get enough. 

Your readers will surely know what to expect!

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