Top 7 Ways to Save Money on India Travel in 2021 

We all want to travel. And we all want to save money. All our vacations are about compromising about either of these things. It’s either “I will try the continental cuisine of this famous restaurant” or “I will eat at a roadside stall”. We spend years saving on our dream Paris/New York vacation or end up visiting some nearby place. The money that these holidays suck out of you can put a hole through the universe. 

Where does your money go, you keep asking? The human body was designed to desire infinite things, and unfortunately, money is always finite. So begins the struggle of getting the best out of what you have. And believe it or not, it is one of the primary challenges of life. You don’t often hit a lottery, and so, the places you wish to see the traveling you need to do has to be done with the money you got. 

And then, there is the money you spend daily. The money you keep wondering where it went. The lunch orders you put on Swiggy/Zomato, the daily cab rides with Uber/Ola or shopping on Amazon/Flipkart. 

But hey! You could save on all of them if you would. For example, you can save up on those taxi bills by simply hailing an Uber cab while you travel. When you pay, make sure that you also deploy an Uber coupon code. This way, you will get to enjoy exciting discount rates. Sometimes you can qualify for a free ride. Hacks like these come in handy while traveling. And in this article, we have many more effective ways that will help you save while traveling.

So, here’s your savior- a complete guide on how to save money when you travel, wherever you travel.

List of 7 Best Ways to save money on travel in India


Make a Budget

Like in planning a holiday, making a list of all the things you’re going to do, you should also make a budget. The first step is to decide the upper limit- the most amount of money you can spend on the trip. Next, you make a list of all the stuff you’ll need on the trip. Estimate how much everything will cost. See if you’ve enough if you can cut down anywhere or pick something cheaper. 


Make a separate list of things you HAVE to do (the non-negotiables). This list will help you stay true to your ideal plan and also save money on travel.


Avoid personal vehicles


When you are traveling, be it on some trip or just a ride to the office, avoid using your vehicle. For starters, there’s always public transportation like buses, trains, and ferries. The rickshaw wallas might charge you a little more but know the best routes. You can give up a little bit of comfort and save money on travel.  

Cabs like Uber and Ola are always there if you still want to travel in air-conditioned cars. With Rapido, you can go anywhere, beat the traffic, all the while riding in the backseat of a two-wheeler.

Also, try to mix up your traveling. Sometimes, the cab you’re looking for might have surge pricing. Or the bus you’re planning to travel by is particularly crowded that day. Maybe, the flight you’re looking for is not available. You probably are short on time. Life is unpredictable, and don’t expect it to play according to your routine.


Room upgrade

When you book a room at a hotel, you try to find one under your budget and meet your requirements. On your way to the room, you go past the luxury suites and wish that you’re staying in them instead. 

In such a scenario, you can do one of two things. You can spend the extra bucks and get yourself the upgrade. Or you can come up with a sweet excuse, go up to the reception, and sweet-talk your way to a room upgrade. Maybe, you and your partner are newly married and on a honeymoon. 

This requires good people skills and some good reason. There should be rooms available for the upgrade. But yes, if you do this right- it’s an ingenious, sneaky way to save money on travel.


Use your feet a little extra

Yes, walking is hard. A walk in the park is not always “a walk in the park”. But it’s still the most effective way to save money on travel. Be it your daily tread to work or some sightseeing at a new place, and it is always cheap on foot. 


If you can manage it without tiring, put on your best shoes or light sandals, have a map of the place in your hand, and set out. It’s a fantastic way to explore the place and also build your appetite. You get to see many of the untapped beauty of the place and dive into its culture.


Plan according to the free-admission days

When you go to certain tourist spots like museums, parks and zoos at a place, there are free-admission days you can take advantage of. You can save money on travel by avoiding the entry fee at such places. Usually, Sundays are free-admission days at museums and parks, allowing for family excursions. 


Ask the locals

When you are new in the city, approach some of the locals to figure out its uniqueness. Let them help you map out the best route from home to work. Ask them where you can shop for cheap. They also can give you an estimate of the monthly expenditure at the place. 


The same goes for when you go on a trip to someplace. If you know some locals there, you can stay with them, hence, avoiding hotels. And you can maybe borrow their vehicles to move around the place. Or perhaps, they will refer cheap places to stay and eat, popular means of commute.


Discount coupons


Finally, you might want to try looking for discount coupons before doing your bookings. Discount coupons and offers can eat away a great chunk of your flight and hotel fares. It’s an exciting way to save money on travel. 


So, here’s your money-saving travel guide. Don’t hesitate to try out some of these ways and see how much money you save. And if you know any other tips that one can use to save money while traveling, do share them with us in the comments section. Travel safe and travel cheap!


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