Tips for visiting Kochi, India

Kochi is the biggest city in Kerala. Most local people call it ‘Cochin.’ There is a lot to see in Kochi or Cochin. Islands, rivers, rivers of waterways and the Arabian Sea are the main attractions of this place. Kochi has excellent connectivity from various countries. If you are looking for flights from Dubai to Kochi you can easily avail some discounts if booked in advance. Also you can get flights to Kochi from other countries.

  If you are planning to visit Kochi, you must follow these tips.


Visit Kochi Fort

It was built in the 16th century by St Francis Church. Kochi fort is very famous among the tourists. That fort is full of old European buildings. It has a smooth flagstone floor and white-washed walls. Just take off your shoes and have some cool feel on this.


Ferry power

In Kochi, there is an amazing ferry system that runs in between all the districts with different compartments for male and female. Ferries are not so expensive. They are budget-friendly.



Ignore all the things in Kochi but not this place. Just take a ferry to the main jetty of Ernakulam. It is a commercial hub of Kerala. This energetic city has the literacy of 93% of the city’s population. There are lanes in the market area. This city offers you great food also.


Veg thali

On the chi-chi streets of Kochi, there are many restaurants. They serve the tastiest food ever. Have a fish that will cook in front of you in the Chinese nets. Visit Ernakulam for the great taste of authentic local food.


Bus rides

Vypeen is a small island with waterways and lakes. You will get to see palm trees and beautiful colourful houses. A beautiful bus ride to Cherai beach can be more scenic than ever. You will also get fresh air, and your hair will rise due to the wind. 


Fish and spice

Kerala has the best food in India, and you can’t argue with them for food. Kochi is a great fishing spot, tasty fish curry will be the great choice in the restaurants for the meals. It is a special dish of Kochi. Karimeen and seerfish are also a specialty of this place.



Malabar Coast is very popular for coffee. You will not get any coffee in restaurants because the Indians prefer to export this to the world’s coffee enthusiasts. If you want it, go to Leela Coffee in Ernakulam.


Train to Thrissur

All the photographers love this place because of its beauty. Kerala’s elephant temple festivals are the main attraction for the tourists and explorers. Thrissur is beautiful in April and May when the people celebrate the Pooram festival.



Shopping is a great attraction in Kochi. Fort Kochi has a lot of boutiques and antique shops, and also vendors too. There are carts full of peacock feathers, fans, jewellery and toys for kids. There are local people on Fort Kochi’s beach who sell wooden painted flowers, flutes, balloons and candyfloss.

Just follow these tips, and you will have a great time in Kochi. Kochi is a beautiful city which attracts tourists every year. This city is one of the best tourist cities ever. From forts to restaurants, beaches to shopping centres, this city has everything to explore.





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