Tips for solo travel beginners

Have you ever gone on a solo trip? Or thinking about it? You might want to enjoy your own company or come out of your comfort zone, and what better solution than travelling alone? While travelling with

others has the fun of its own, at times you need to spend a little time with yourself. Solo trips give a chance to know more about yourself, dive deeper into your conscience and enjoy the bliss of solitude. 

Maybe you want a few extra minutes to enjoy that sunset, or go through the streets of that unknown city at midnight – but never able to because of your fellow travellers. Travelling alone gives you the freedom to make your itinerary and plan the travel according to your wishes. 

With these benefits, some concerns race through your mind before going out alone. Is it safe to do so? Will I be able to manage it alone? But a small yet thorough preparation will help you a lot and give you a smart, memorable, safe and successful journey. 

Here we present you some tips if you are venturing out on your first solo voyage. 

Be conscious of safety

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The main concern is safety when you think about solo travel since you have no support. Before going to your destination, make sure that it is safe for tourists. It’s better if you don’t show others that you are alone through your mannerisms. Don’t go for private spaces, instead choose the ones with many people around. Always keep someone updated about your location, especially if you plan to travel at night. Keep your eyes on your drinks or food.

Don’t forget to carry your essentials

When you are very excited to go out, sometimes that excitement can create a mess for you. In case you forget an essential item, it may be possible that it is not available at the destination or no store is nearby. So to avoid any uncomfortable situation, make a checklist of items to be packed before travelling. 

Take care of your bags and documents

You bring important identity documents such as passports, visas and credit cards while travelling. These documents are vital to your safety and return to your home. Therefore always carry a luggage lock with you. Keep a count of your bags and use the least amount of luggage to make it easy to carry around. 

Don’t trust strangers 


Tourists are often a big target for petty thieves and fraudsters. So don’t trust strangers whose schemes are too good to be true, either to show you around or for giving you any help. If you need a guide, opt for one only from official sources. 

Don’t reveal a lot about yourself

The one thing to always keep in mind is that wherever you go, especially to explore new places, do not tell any personal details to anyone, even to a locality or another solo traveller. This includes your hotel address where you are currently staying, or your permanent address, phone numbers etc. 

Keep emergency contact information

This is the most crucial tip for every traveller. You can’t remember everybody’s contact number, so make a list on paper in case your phone dies down, and keep it with you. It contains all personal information, your family contact number, and your emergency contact in case something adverse happens to you.

Trust yourself and be calm

Be a typical traveller

Solo travelling can be challenging. Whenever you come across any difficulty, don’t be hyper trust yourself. If you don’t feel safe, trust your gut and get out of that place. Don’t show panic or stress, because it 

will make you vulnerable to people with malicious intent. 

A solo trip can make you feel anxious, scared and stressed, but it is truly an amazing and enjoyable experience if done with proper planning. It makes you feel more confident, independent and invincible. So, when is your next solo trip? 

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