Tips for Making and Saving Money on The Road

Sitting at your desk or working a 9 to 5 can often feel completely exhausting, especially if you are someone who likes to be outside in the fresh air, travel to different countries, and see the world. We spend so much of our time at work, which means there is little time left over in which to explore other countries and cultures and take the time to see places we have never seen before. Saving money while travelling is also one of the major things to be take care of!

Some people opt to take their shot at going traveling or choose a job that allows them to work remotely, something that is far more popular now than it ever has been, thanks to the pandemic restrictions. People have had a taste of managing their time and space with much less interference, which has given them a better balance. 

If you are thinking about taking a dream trip or simply want to get out and see what else is out there while you have the time, making money as you go is probably an appealing option!

Get Laptop Friendly 

Doing work exclusively online, such as marketing, writing, data analytics, virtual assistant work, or editing, can be an excellent option for those who want something very low cost and low maintenance to do. You only need a laptop and an internet connection for all of these jobs, and as long as you can get in touch with people when you need to via calls, emails, or video calls, you will not need any extras. 

You will also find that many places have good internet connectivity now unless you plan on visiting the desert for months at a time, so using your phone as a hotspot is also a great last resort option if you find yourself without any WIFI. 

Another great reason to opt for laptop-friendly work is that many companies will recruit from all over the globe. This means you are not just stuck looking for work in the area you are in at any specific time, which is even trickier if you are on the go. 

Check out Hostels

Looking into hostel work can be a great option for those who have receptionist, admin, hosting, or bar work experience, as these transferable skills can put you straight into a role for a couple of days or longer. Hostels expect their staff to come and go because of the nature of the industry. So it can be an excellent stopgap depending on where you want to stay and how long you want to stay there. For example, if you want to head to Chicago for its incredible jazz music scene and some of the best deep dish pizzas money can buy. Finding a recommended hostel to work in for a month or so can help you in saving money for exploring plenty of things to do in Chicago

Teach English as A Second Language 

Teaching English as a second language is a good option for those who want to visit more remote parts of the world where residents need help with English. This could be anywhere from Malaysia to Nepal, Mongolia, and even places in Southern, Central, and Eastern Europe such as Italy, Spain, and Poland. These are all places that have strong job markets for teaching English and can be a good place to start a traveling teaching career or if you want to live abroad for a year or more. 

The pay for teaching abroad is very reasonable, and you will also have plenty of your own time to explore as well. Which is ideal for those who want to earn a living or continue with their career in a different part of the world. 

This can also be a great experience and allow you to build up transferable skills when you finish traveling. This also would help you with saving money on the trip!

Sell Printables 

If you have limited space, are traveling in a van, or have a very small bag capacity, the likelihood is that you do not want to be carrying – or might not even be able to carry – bunches of supplies to create products which will help in saving money!

While there are definitely ways to get around this depending on what you offer, it can be a much easier sell printables online. This can be anything from t-shirts to books, calendar sheets, to-do lists, coloring books – you name it! If you can find a reputable ‘print as you go’ service, then all you need to be able to do is have the designs in place for people to buy.

Sell Products 

Depending on what you want to sell, it can be easy to set up shop or find a little place where you can make the items that you want to sell before taking them to stalls. This is best as an additional stream of income, as it is not always guaranteed that you can get a space somewhere to sell or a license, and even with all the necessary legalities in place, it’s not guaranteed that you will sell something. For example, if you are a freelance photographer who would like to sell your photos on the go, it should not be too difficult to find a printing shop in a heavily populated area where you could print out batches to sell. You might also be able to cut a deal for wholesale prices on some things depending on where you are and how long you are going to stay. 

Choose Travel for Services 

If there is somewhere in particular that you want to go, you might find sites that help you find a place you can offer your services in exchange for full board and food. This could even be for just a few hours a day a couple days a week! That means your main traveling expenses are covered, and you have plenty of free time to see the sights without worrying about how you are going to pay for board and food. You will need extra spending money for anything outside of this, so if you do choose to go down this route, see if you can mix it with a little bit of online work or something else to help you with saving money.

Online Services 

Another great idea for those who want to travel and make money on the go is to offer online services. This could be as simple as offering to help transcribe other people’s audio or interviews, doing some social media marketing for a small business, or advertising yourself on a site to help with basic admin. If you have transferable skills, then utilizing them online is a decent way to earn extra money

That being said, if you are an expert in something and feel like you could bring a masterclass or seminar to the table, then those, along with activities such as workshops, can be done from anywhere and can be taken by people all over the world. 


Housesitting can be a very popular way to get to see different parts of the world you have not seen before, with the comfort of having your own space. Many people do not like to leave their house empty if they are going away for long periods of time, as it can make them more prone to break-ins, which is why registering as house sitter, in exchange for free accommodation, can be a brilliant deal. You get to have your own space that could cost thousands if you had to rent it for yourself, and the homeowners get peace of mind that someone is looking after their space. 

You might also find that some housesitting comes along with pet-sitting too, which can be a nice little perk if you are traveling alone and want a furry friend for company. Pet-sitting dogs mean they will get you out and about exploring the area, which could take you to places you might not have thought to go to otherwise. 

These are just a few suggestions for how you can make and helps you in saving money while traveling or wanting to go on more trips. Thankfully, availability for remote work is on the rise, so it should not be too difficult to find something that will suit you while you explore. Just remember to have some backup savings, whatever happens. 


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