The Best Travel-Friendly App

The Best Travel-Friendly Apps to Use in 2019

Let’s face it, aside from dogs, technology has become man’s best friend. Some may even argue that it’s become their masters instead of the other way around. A lot of people are completely dependent on technology, and while this shouldn’t necessarily be the case, there’s no denying how helpful it is. Some of life’s daily activities are made even simpler and easier because of various gadgets and their numerous apps. The difficulty of hailing a cab, ordering out food, and booking reservations are all answered by technology nowadays. There seems to be an app for just about everything, especially when you travel.

Travel is a completely challenging experience, especially if you’re not all that used to it. Visiting a different land, be it in your own country or abroad can be full of stress if you’re not prepared. Fortunately, some apps help you become prepared and can even be useful whilst on your trip. Here are some to look out for this 2019.


1. Skyscanner

Ever wanted to go to Paris or Madrid but you thought the airfare alone will cost half of your bank account? Fear not as there is an app that can help you with your air travel needs. Skyscanner shows you the cheapest and best flights going to any city in the world.

Just type in your destination and the dates of your trip and it’ll search up the most affordable deals for you. Going on a family trip or on that second honeymoon will now be a breeze thanks to this app, and your wallet will thank you as well.


2. App In The Air

Now that you have your ticket, you’ll now have to face air travel. A lot of people, even the most experienced world travellers, dread this part the most. Anything can happen, from delayed or even cancelled flights, missing baggage, and more. To be able to take control of such situations, download App In The Air on your phone.

This nifty app can show you how long you’re going to have to wait if a flight will be delayed or cancelled, where the baggage claim areas of the airports you’ll be visiting are, and so much more!


3. Packpoint

Don’t know what to bring on your trip? Get Packpoint on your phone to help you out. This app is a sort of travel checklist that’s able to suggest what you can bring to the destination. It caters to all kinds of travel, from business trips, family vacations, even your honeymoon.

Just type in where you’re going and how long you’ll be staying there and Packpoint will tell you what you’ll need to bring. It’ll also remind you to not forget certain items that can ultimately affect your entire trip.


4. HotelTonight

If you think flights can be pretty pricey, just wait when you look at hotels! At least, with HotelTonight, you can search for the best deals well within your travel budget. This app is also most helpful when you suddenly have no lodgings for the night.

You’d be surprised as to how often this happens, and when it does, HotelTonight is here to the rescue. Its 24/7 customer service ensures that whenever you need a hotel booking, you’re going to get one with the best price and quality service!


5. Lounge Buddy

As per Mister Hint’s suggestion, it’s always better if you go to the airport early for your flight. However, this also means that you’re going to be spending a lot of time there, especially if your flight is delayed. Fortunately, Lounge Buddy is an app wherein you can find the best lounged in all the airports in the world.

Just put in your credit card and flight details and it’ll show you which lounges you’re able to access and enjoy some time in. You wouldn’t need to walk for hours looking for it.


6. Zagat

One of the best parts of travelling the world is getting to try all sorts of exotic cuisines. From the spicy dishes in Asia to the meaty and flavorful snacks in the Americas, the world is a treasure trove all various types of tastes. But with so many to choose from, it can get overwhelming.

Not with Zagat! This easy-to-use app tells you where to get the best dishes in any destination for a specific price. If you’re craving for something, even if you don’t know what it is you want yet, Zagat will tell you.


7. Detour

At times, you’d just want to travel to escape and just be by yourself. This is all well and good, but how are you going to learn more about the place you’re visiting if you don’t want to interact with other people? Download Detour for such an experience.

This app is full of audio tours of certain cities, many of which are famous tourist destinations. Here, you can listen to locals explaining certain parts of their cities to you, giving you an in-depth view of where you are now and its many wonders.


8. Trail Wallet

As with many travellers, you’re probably within a certain budget. But let’s be honest, it’s difficult to stay within it when you’re already there and there are so many things to see, eat, and experience. Fortunately, Trail Wallet helps you stay in line with your budget.

This virtual wallet shows all your expenses, how much money you can still spend that’s well within our budget, and so much more. At the end of your trip, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how easy it was not to go beyond your established amount.


9. Elk Currency Converter

Part of what makes travelling to other countries challenging is the currency exchange. You have to be careful when exchanging your money, whether in your home country or abroad, as a certain business can unfairly give you the wrong amount so they can keep some of your cash for themselves.

With El Currency converter, however, this app can accurately tell you how much your country’s currency is compared to that of your trip destination. It’s easy to use, trustworthy, and your money will be in safe hands during your entire trip.

Technology doesn’t have to be your enemy, especially when it can be extremely helpful for your travelling needs. Download these apps and more and see how easy peasy going to another place can actually be!

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