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Collect experiences, not objects. This is the philosophy behind the boom in the travel industry in the past decade. People realize that the good life is not about having the biggest house, the fanciest car, or the latest gadgets. 

Any happiness resulting from these is temporary. On the other hand, the memories gained from travel last for a lifetime. Many aspire to roam the globe with partners or family. 

However, the cost is a significant hurdle for most people. The Royal Holiday Vacation Club helps make travel more accessible through membership packages. 

A world of possibilities awaits members of the Royal Holiday Vacation Club. They can choose from more than 180 destinations across different continents. These include stays at the best hotels, villas, condominiums, and affiliated resorts. 

Those who prefer sailing can also find comfortable and luxurious cruise options. There is something for everyone in the club’s offerings. 

Five basic membership levels are provided with each having its benefits: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Royal. Some upgrades are available with additional fees. 

Bronze Membership

The cost is proportional to the quality and quantity of the perks. Check the various membership deals to see which suits you best. 

If you are looking for a budget option, see the Bronze membership details. The destinations include popular sites like Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, and San Jose del Cabo in Mexico. Also on the list are Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and Tenerife in Spain. Stay between 4 and 7 nights in studios or junior suites. 

The membership duration is up to 30 years with bookings accepted 12 months in advance. Other benefits include free guest certificates, travel agency services, special rates on extra nights, seasonal offers, and promotions. 

Silver Membership

Members can spend vacations in a broader range of destinations for the Silver package. Orlando in Florida, Cancun in Mexico, Vail in Colorado, Salzburg in Austria, Florianopolis in Brazil, Punta del Este in Uruguay, and Guanica in Puerto Rico are included in this package. 

They can stay in these places between 7 to 11 nights in a studio or junior suite. The same membership duration, booking rules, and other perks apply. 

Silver is a good option for people willing to spend a little more to experience greater variety. The extended stays allow travelers to explore more destinations. 

Gold Membership for travel

Gold membership begins to offer much better rooms with presidential and ambassador suites on the list. The destinations include popular tourist spots such as Kona in Hawaii, Prague in the Czech Republic, Rome in Italy, and Natal in Brazil. 

If these are part of your dream vacations, it is a great deal at a great price. Experience everything from the natural beauty of nature to the rich cultural heritage of ancient civilizations. 

Stays extend for 7 to 12 nights, depending on the destination. For those who like to go on cruises, it is possible to sail across the Adriatic and the Caribbean aboard specialty ships. 

Platinum Membership 


Platinum membership takes you to even more famous places around the world. Choose this if you fancy yourself walking around the streets of Paris while admiring the incredible architecture and having exquisite meals at Parisian restaurants. 

You can also go to Rome to see the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, or the Pantheon. Try Barcelona with a tour of the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Gothic Quarter, Picasso Museum, and other exciting sites. 

The Casablanca of Morocco and Puerto Vallarta of Mexico are also included. Stays range from 7 to 14 nights with options for extension. 

Royal Membership for travel

The highest membership tier is Royal, and it comes with the top tourist sites around the globe. If you would like to spend your holidays at the most glamorous hotels and resorts, this is the way to go. 

It will take you to the best cities, including London, Rome, Paris, and New York. Four cruises are touring the Western Caribbean, South America, Caribe, and the Eastern Caribbean. 

Members can get VIP services during their stay that can last 7 to 14 nights. They can also get lower rates for tours and special trips. Royal membership is the most expensive but may be worth it.  

Traveling Awaits

If these destinations excite you, then go ahead and learn more about them. Ask your family which ones they want to see in the future. 

Inquire with the Royal Holiday Vacation Club to get the latest rates and avail of current promos. They will also answer questions regarding the rules and procedures for booking. 

Make sure everything is clear to avoid unwanted surprises. If you are unsure whether these packages are worth it, perform the calculations to verify and evaluate each tier. 

Those on the fence may try to get input from previous and existing Royal Holiday Vacation Club members. Perhaps they have left reviews online or written blogs about their trips. Their impressions of the booking process, the accommodations, the services, and the overall experience may help others make up their minds about membership. 

If people are sure about joining but undecided about the membership level, they may narrow their options according to their budget and their intended destinations. There is no correct answer that fits everyone. Families will have to decide what’s ideal for them, and what fits their circumstances. 

Travel is not just for the rich and famous. Royal Holiday Vacation Club strives to make incredible experiences accessible to all. With their unique business model, wide network of partners, and years of industry experience, they created compelling Royal Holiday membership packages filled with perks that everyone can appreciate.


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