Thrilling Road Trip Destinations in the USA

Thrilling Road Trip Destinations in the USA

If you want to ride on the unending road trails and explore the beauty of the scenic places then you are at the right place! Today, we present you the best road trip destinations in the USA which will set your excitement high and we are sure you would not be able to resist the temptation of going on a road trip.

Road trips are very much part of our American culture just like camping or anything else. And why shouldn’t it be? Filled with a bounty of splendid and breathtaking places, the USA is worth exploring through road trips.

Blessed with the wide array of lush green forests, bumpy cliffs to lush coastal views and alluring valleys we are sure that you would be pleased to stay behind the wheel.

Therefore, today we are going to share some of the best picturesque road trip destinations with you which will surely pump you up for some exciting time.


1.Pacific Road Highway

What can be better for a road trip destination in the USA rather than in California?

Making your way from San Francisco to San Diego on Pacific Road Highway you will know the reason why this place stands out tall on Number one in our list.

Covering 655 miles of astonishing views of the Pacific Ocean you can also watch the vintage sites like the Golden Gate bridge and Bixby Creek Bridge on the way.

With hiking in the Big Sur National Park and exploring its nicks we are sure you will be happy and pleased. And you can surely end your road trip on a bubbly note with wine tasting in Solvang.


2. Route 66 

Being one of the indigenous highways in the US this route surely gives us a classy road trip vibe.

With an overall stretch of 2,451 miles, this has been replaced by the brand new Interstate Highway which reduces both time and distance but still, many travel enthusiasts prefer to travel by this due to its history and popularity.

Not only can we visit the old towns lining on this highway but we can cross over 8 states and tons of historic places on the way with St Louis and the significant Cadillac Ranch in Texas during the trip. 


3. Overseas Highway

Linking up Florida’s two best beaches with each other this destination is perfect for a short mini road trip.  With a travelling time of only 3 to 4 hours, we can go across a chain of bridges and island with the famous 7-mile bridge which also connects the other 34 islands of the Florida Keys.

Now talking about Miami it is stuffed with beautiful beaches, surfing and luxury art deco hotels whereas Key West has a lot to offer with one of the best coral reefs for diving and is infused with a little bit of Cuban culture.

We assure you this 113-mile wide highway will not disappoint you for sure with its surreal beauty and its connected mesmerizing destinations.


4. San Francisco to Utah 

San Francisco

Road Trip Destinations in the USA: San Francisco

Getting started from the Laid Back city of San Francisco you will have a lot more exciting trip to unveil on the way. Just as you unwrap yourself from the charms of this city what will greet you next will be the mindblowing backdrops of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

And the first stop on this path will be Lake Tahoe which is a definite spot for fishing or relaxing for a little bit of time with the views of the alpine.

The next spot on your destination will be Yosemite National Park with the gigantic peak of El Capitan with massive sequoia trees and lofty waterfalls.


5. Hana Highway in Hawaii

Who doesn’t get excited hearing the name Hawaii? Just hearing about it we can imagine the dreamy beaches, tropical rainforests and various rainfalls we get to see there.

This journey of almost 68 miles from Maui’s Hana Highway is not that dreamy as it sounds because of its zigzag tapering roads lined with unlimited curves and bridges. And we are sure you will experience the thrill we are talking about once you take this trip. 


6. Stowe to Rochester

Besides being a keen traveller if you are a die-hard foodie then this trip will surely accomplish both your goals. The 50-mile road trip across the VT 100 is total bliss with the perfect views of Vermont.

When you pass by the unusual mountain clad villages and Moss Glen Falls you will surely be mesmerized. And also how can you forget your second motive of satiating your tummy?

While you are travelling on this route you will be greeted with wineries, creameries, breweries and gourmet shops which will make your trip worth it and your tummy full.


7. Blue Ridge Parkway 

This place is a must-visit destination with 469 miles passing through the Shenandoah National Park to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.

The best thing about travelling here is that it is free of billboards, commercial rush and is devoid of any commercial towns with 45 mph speed limit.

This itself is a delightful thing as you get to experience most of the scenic beauty. Taking almost 5 and a half hours to pass, you will witness continuous landscapes of mountains, occasional milky fog, gushing waterfalls and a wide range of flora and fauna on the en-route.


8. Jackstone to Yellowstone National Park 

Yellowstone National Park 

Road Trip Destinations in the USA: Yellowstone National Park. 

The richness of fauna is what you will experience at America’s first national park ranging from Bison, Elk, Moose, Bears with various other species of birds.

And talking about the drive from Jackstone hole to Yellowstone National Park, all we can say is that this 60-minute trip shows us an altogether different geographical dimension of the park which is worth seeing.

Not only this but you can also explore the Yellowstone Supervolcano with mud pots, hot springs, geysers, and hot spots which is a rare insight.


9. Olympic Peninsula 

Starting from Seattle for this 330 miles journey to make your way towards the Olympic Peninsula you will have unlimited access to attractive sceneries and points for hiking.

While you are travelling within the Olympic National Park you will be blessed with one of the largest temperate rainforests in America i.e Hoh rainforest.

Not only this but the presence of shimmering clean white mountain tops of the Olympics with the tiny water logged towns is in itself a view to watch. 


10. Old King’s Highway 

The Cape Cod Route 6 A has its way from some of America’s oldest villages which gives us a glimpse of the older American culture.

During the drive, you can see several buildings and churches featured on the National Registrar of Historic places too. Travelling on this route you will also come across several beaches where you can stop by including the Sandwich Town Beach. Also,  avoid going on this route in the summer as it’s too crowded.   


11. Great River Road 

Mississippi River lies in the heart of America as it flows over for more than 2,300 miles from the icy Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico.

Therefore travelling beside this pulsing river across 10 states is an experience you can get on the Great River Road with the abundance of nature and wildlife resorts in this way.

Also,  you can visit the river towns of Greenville and Rosedale to experience the live regional culture and its vibrational diversity.


12. Columbia River Highway 

This almost 100 years old highway was built for promoting its scenic beauty and deserves a total 100 all thanks to its cheerful and bright surroundings. This 75-mile road has a lot in its kitty which can take our breath away.

On the western side between the area of Troutdale and Dodson, you will be astonished by the presence of seasonal waterfalls with high speed rushing through the terrains whereas on the eastern side between the Hood River and The Dalles there is a bounty of greenery during the springtime which turns brown as the heat rises. 


13. The Loneliest Road

Highway 50, Nevada

Road Trip Destinations in the USA: Highway 50.

Highway 50 is known better as the loneliest road in America after Life Magazine named it in 1968 due to Nevada’s phase on this highway which stretches for miles with dusty highways, desolate mountains, and only an odd town on its way which makes this route quite lonely and desolate.

Other than that there is a lot to explore with the Great Basin National Park and Nevada Beach on the list.

14. The Black Hills

The Black Hills has a lot to show you on the way except for Mount Rushmore. While travelling you should make sure to stop at Custer State Park and Wall Drug too.

Also, one thing you should know is that while travelling on the road to Wind Cave National Park you should be extra aware as the bison there are notoriously naughty and do not look while crossing the road.

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