Places Which You Can’t Afford To Miss In Mumbai

Travel is an investment in yourself. Travel is something that makes you feel young and lively! So did you fix your next travel destination? If not yet, why don’t you give a try to the City of dreams- Mumbai? You can easily find common ticket fares from Delhi, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, or Bangalore to Mumbai flight, or any given other place for that matter.

Mumbai, India’s cosmopolitan City, the City that never sleeps, from nightlife to nature, from budget to luxury, from dreams to achievements, the City has a vibe of its own, making everyone fall for it and again. The architecture, history, art, fashion, beaches, nature, food, markets, nightlife, every corner of Mumbai can satisfy the wandering traveller in you.

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Why choose Mumbai as your destination?

  •       Nightlife: Mumbai has the vibrant urban nightlife of India. Mumbai is a city that offers something to everyone. This City will give you the best nightlife ever.
  •       Nature: Yes, of course, Mumbai is India’s most cosmopolitan city, but the City is not just for city lovers; there are many spaces like beaches, parks, densely forested parks for trekking, bird watching, and more. If that is not enough, the City is close to Harishchandragad to Kalsubai peak.
  •       Architecture: Mumbai has many architectural structures which are very much impressive for travellers.
  •       Art: Mumbai will be the best destination for you if you want to feel India’s contemporary art scene. Mumbai has plenty to offer for art enthusiasts. And if your interest lies in both art and history, the City has many historical cave temples for you.

Places You Can’t Afford To Miss In Mumbai

  •       The gateway of India

It is an arch-built monument located at the tip of Apollo Bunder, bordered by the Arabian sea. It is a treasured landmark in Mumbai. The proud structure of the gateway gives a peek look into history


  •       Kanheri Caves

A group of caves and rock-cut monuments are cut into a massive basalt outcrop in Sanjay Gandhi National Park’s forests. The beautiful Budhi at sculptures and carvings make this an unavoidable tourist destination.

  •       Global Vipassana Pagoda

This is one of the seven wonders of Maharashtra. The beautiful meditation dome hall with a setting of 8000. One of the best tourist destinations in Mumbai.

  •       Ancient caves on Elephanta island

This is a UNESCO world heritage site. This will be a great destination if you want to know the Indian culture and ancient architectural brilliance. This place is called “The glorious abode of Lord Shiva.”

  •       Juhu beach and the Tastes

Juhu beach is one of the major attractions in Mumbai, not just for its scenic value but also for the cuisines offered near the snack joints. The delicacies offered near Juhu will help you to taste the local Mumbai flavours.

Mehak Batra once said, “Mumbai is like a giant piece of soul, every time a new person comes to Mumbai and attaches oneself to this city regardless of where ever you go after that, it travels with you, enriching you”.

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