Must-Have Apps For Women Who Love To Travel

Must-Have Apps For Women Who Love To Travel

For women, travelling alone can be a daunting task. But, not with these travel apps.


Technology plays an important role in our lives, especially when you’re travelling.

Today, travel apps have come a long way from booking tickets.

We bring you five incredible apps that must be on your phone.

1. Rescuer

This app comes in handy when you feel you’re in an unsafe situation. It lets you send audio, pictures, and location to emergency contacts via text.


2. Sygic Travel

This app displays the top tourist attractions, shops, museums, and more.

Discover hidden gems along with the best places sourced directly from fellow travellers and travel editors.

You can also invite your friends or family to help you plan your itinerary and always keep them updated with your travel plans.


3. PackPoint

This app is every woman’s dream come true.

The packing list generator helps you create a customized packing checklist according to your destination.

Just type in your details: gender, place of travel, planned activities, etc. and it will start suggesting gear, essentials and clothing you should carry with you.


4. Sit or Squat

No matter where you travel to, you’ll have to tend to nature’s call. Instead of awkwardly running around searching for a bathroom, just open this app and find the nearest restroom.

You can also filter your search by user ratings, availability of a baby changing table, handicap accessible and cost.

It lists a whopping 95,000 washrooms across the globe and users can rate their experience with a sit (good) or squat (average).

Additionally, it also allows users to post a picture of the bathroom so that other users can check the quality before stepping in.


5. Tourlina

This women-only app connects travellers from around the globe.

Just enter your destination and discover female travel companions with similar trip plans and mutual interests. You can initiate a chat and make travel plans together.

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