How to Optimize Travel Brochure Templates In 2021

Well-made travel brochures help capture the attention of travel-hungry people yearning for a holiday. Even in 2021, they are effective and cost-friendly marketing tools for travel agencies on a budget. Brochures are also big helpers in encouraging people to go on a trip, especially if there are mesmerizing photos that come with them. And with travel opening up around the world as we get back to normal, no time is better than now to optimize your travel marketing materials to catch people’s attention.

Many travelers gather travel brochures to help them plan their next trip, so make sure your design can inspire the wanderlust in people’s hearts. But how can you make that happen? Here’s how you can optimize your travel brochure template in easy and simple steps.

Follow These Tips for An Effective Travel Brochure

1. Know the goal 

“What is the purpose of your brochure?” This is the question that you have to keep in mind when you are in the process of making your brochure. Pinpoint the purpose of your marketing campaign, and it will be smooth-sailing to optimize your travel brochure.

Your brochure design should concentrate on one particular intentionDoes it describe the accommodation, such as hotels and resorts? Are you offering a new cost-effective tour package? Either way, all you need to do is focus on that to keep your message immediately obvious. 

To make sure you cover every step of the traveler’s decision-making process, you can choose to create several brochures—one for every destination you offer, one for the hotels you’ve partnered up with, and one for special activities. Breaking up your marketing material allows you to be more specific when targeting and encouraging customers.

2. Understand your audience


When creating your brochure, make sure you know your ideal customer. What are they interested in when it comes to traveling? Do they prioritize comfort or cost? A travel brochure is one of the ways you talk to your customers and address their needs. You need to put the ideal components that let your target market know about your services and why they should buy them.

If you are not familiar with your target market, take the time to do some market research. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and discover your target demographics. This will help you create a personal message that is specifically made for them, which you can then use in your travel brochure.

3. Use photos to your advantage


Let’s face it: travel brochures lack excitement if you stuff them with too many texts. You will need something to draw your audience’s attention to it. And that’s where photos work like magic.

Photos are like special stars on your brochure layout—they add value and excitement to what would otherwise be a boring document. The secret to making an alluring brochure is never to compromise the quality of the images. In short, the photos will define the entire document’s tone, so take your time choosing the best shots. Photos that portray happy travelers can also help encourage prospective customers!

Additionally, keep in mind that a travel brochure is used to describe travel-related products and services. Make sure the photos you choose complement the content you’re writing, not the other way around.

4. Avoid big chunks of text

The more words you add to your brochure, the less likely someone will read it. Remember that more people are drawn to visuals, so you don’t have to dazzle your audience with words that they don’t plan on reading. 

The more words you put in your brochure, the harder it is for you to communicate your message to your prospective customers. Always consider the power of a call to action. Your brochure should have a statement that tells people what you want them to do next and how they can achieve it with your help. 

What are the vital points to include in your brochure? 

  • List the facilities and activities available to them if you are branding an accommodation service
  • Add popular tourist destinations that people recognize to draw them in
  • Be sure you insert all the extra things your customers can take advantage of when they avail of your travel service that they won’t get from your competitors 
  • Designate a spot for your information, such as the address, website address, contact info, or a map to lead them to you

5. Select your color scheme carefully

Colors play a big role in branding and advertising. They are usually the first things that the audience can see and where they base their first impression. In your travel agency’s brochure design, you want to match your color scheme to the atmosphere of the travel service you’re promoting.

Analyze how your chosen colors blend with the photos. The color scheme and photographs should go well together to achieve a unified look. Take, for instance, if you are trying to promote a destination with lots of mountain trails. Your photos should have serene views, while the color palette should be tranquil with shades of blue and green. Hitting the right tone with color is an easy way to make your travel brochure more effective.

For printing purposes, stay away from dark colors that may make your text hard to read. Stick to bright and light colors that are easier for your customers to digest.

6. Use the right travel brochure templates

Ready-made designs can make your job a whole lot easier. There are countless travel brochure templates online that provide suitable layouts, colors, and typefaces for the product you try to promote. Whether you’re a small business or a large company, time is precious; and time wasted on design is time you could instead use to find more customers.

So if you are in a rush to produce marketing material for your travel merchandise, a travel brochure template will be your best friend. It can help you create a professional-looking travel brochure in the blink of an eye.

7. Distribute at the right time


While travel is fun at any time of the year, there are times when traveling is more popular than others. If you have been tracking your sales, you might already know the peaks and valleys of the most popular travel times. It is important to create brochures that target those peaks not to waste your time distributing brochures to people with no intention of traveling.

Remember that your effort is only half the battle; the customer should already be interested in your services. So when the time is right, have your optimized brochures at the ready!


Before you scour the internet to find travel brochure templates, you need to remind yourself that they are instruments that can help you communicate with your customers. Every element added is a direct message to your audience. 

Take your time and think thoroughly of the things you want to include and which template layout is the best for you. The time spent planning will be worth it when you start to see better returns for the brochures you print out.


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