How to Choose Between Banff and Whistler

These two locations in Canada have become prime vacationing destinations for tourists. However, many find themselves questioning which is best. Both of these destinations have a large amount of perks and we’ve listed the major benefits to each to help you narrow your decision on where to head.



Located in Alberta, this destination is surrounded by the Canadian Rockies and is the first National Park of Canada. The town of Banff strives to preserve its natural environment while also drawing visitors to its unique outdoor experiences and friendly community.


Within Banff, you can find three different ski resorts, any level skier or snowboarder can find something here. While skiing here you won’t see the typical resort or village at the bottom of the mountain but actual ongoing mountains and terrain. The incredible views of the Rockies as you ski down each different trail are undisturbed with no commercial zoning in sight.

Relaxed Environment

Unlike your typical ski resort area, Banff is protected thanks to it’s national park status. Due to this status, people are not able to own property here unless they have a job or own a business in Banff. This allows Banff to remain a quaint town focused solely on the nature and protection of the area and the perfect place to truly unwind and enjoy the great outdoors.

Surrounded by Amenities

Banff is surrounded by numerous towns and cities that still provide more of a tourist experience. From world-class golfing, hiking trails, to additional ski resorts you can find just what you’re looking for all within a short drive.


North America’s Largest Ski Resort

If you’re looking for as many trails as possible, Whistler is where you’ll want to go. Located on the Western coast of Canada, Whistler is home to much larger mountains compared to Banff which in return means longer trails and more options. 

Whistler homes for sale are a hot commodity with an increasing demand in international buyers thanks to the perk of Whistler being a destination resort year-round.

Ideal Vacation Spot

Due to Whistler’s focus on their ski resorts and other outdoor amenities, the town is truly invested in providing a unique experience to its guests. While skiing down the mountains, you can catch amazing views of the beautiful village at the base of the hill where you can find numerous shops, restaurants, and bars.

Serious Skiing

Both Banff and Whistler offer the two best skiing opportunities in Canada however, Whistler is also a past Winter Olympics host placing it’s resorts higher on the map. You can find ski slopes for any type of skier here because although Whistler has numerous steep and difficult terrain courses, it also has just as many beginner slopes toward the bottom of the mountain.

Quaint Village

At the bottom of the mountain you can visit Whistler village which is a European styled village that is invested in giving you a great experience. You can walk along the streets with no worries as no cars are able to travel within the village. The village is the perfect hangout spot as many restaurants, cafes, and shops line the streets.

Both Banff and Whistler are great locations to book your next ski trip. They both offer incredible experiences with subtle differences such as Banff being focused on relaxation and preservation while Whistler is more accommodating and focused on providing an exclusive four-season destination resort.


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