How (and Why!) to Join the RV Craze

Recreational vehicles have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many people have opted to join the RV craze, which has led to higher demand and increased prices.

If you’re considering joining the RV craze, there are many factors to consider before landing on the best option that fits your needs. Before purchasing, consider the size, price point, and features you want out of your motorhome. 

It’s also crucial to look into coverage options so you can ensure you’re getting the best RV insurance at the most affordable cost. Without proper insurance coverage, you may find yourself paying out of pocket after an accident.

So how can you join in on all the RV fun? Let’s find out.


What does an RV have to offer?

Many people realize how convenient a camper can make traveling. Although you will still have to choose between hauling your camper with you or driving a large RV, the ease of being able to stop wherever you choose and avoiding all the headaches that hotels can cause is appealing.


Campers allow you to vacation however you choose. You can enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing basic amenities. You can take long trips without having to stay in unfamiliar rooms. There are countless reasons people are continuously being drawn to RV life.


Some people are even opting to live in campers to allow them a nomadic lifestyle. With an RV as your permanent residence, you can travel anywhere you please without ever leaving home.

Consider Size and Style in Your New RV

RVs come in a large variety of styles and sizes. When deciding to join the trend of traveling in an RV, it’s essential to consider what kind of motorhome will work best for you. Some RVs are driveable, while others need to be towed by a large truck or SUV. 


Currently, there are nine different types of campers. Here’s a breakdown to help you determine which option may work best for you.

Truck Bed Camper

The truck bed camper is one of the smallest sizes available and offers a lot of convenience for users. Able to fit snugly in the bed of a pickup truck, these campers allow you to take them almost anywhere you can drive your vehicle.


For those looking for adventure in harsh terrain, you can’t beat the ease of this option. However, these campers are typically on the smaller side, leaving you with little leg and storage room. 


When considering this option, make sure you have the right kind of truck. With so much weight sitting in the bed, these campers typically require a large truck such as a dual rear-wheel to haul them.

Pop-Up Campers

Pop-ups are popular in big part to their low weight and small size. You can raise the top portion of pop-up campers to create more living space when parked. While transporting, the tent-like top collapses to become more compact and easy to transport. 


These campers are also typically very budget friendly, making them a feasible option for those looking to get into the RV lifestyle without spending an arm and a leg.


You may be subjected to extreme weather conditions in this option, as their top portion is tent-like. Cold temperatures, rain, or other weather may be brutal for these campers.

Travel Trailers

The travel trailer can be broken down into two different types: the tiny and the regular-sized. 

A tiny or regular-sized travel trailer may be perfect for someone hoping not to break the bank but still feel comfortable in their camper.

Tiny Travel Trailers

Tiny travel trailers are incredibly convenient for people who own an SUV or smaller truck, as they don’t require a lot of power to pull them. 


These often make the most of their space, as they don’t have too much. You may find convertible living spaces in these options, such as a dining area that will turn into your bed for sleeping. 

Regular-Sized Travel Trailer

A regular-sized travel trailer may be the most popular camper on the market. Because of their many size options, they offer something to fit almost anyone’s RV needs. Their sizes range from 20 to 40 feet long, and models vary with style and amenities. 


Most regular-sized travel trailers offer the basic needs of a dining area, bathroom, and kitchen.

Toy Haulers

Toy haulers are meant for those who don’t want to travel without their toys. Dirt bikes, off-roading vehicles, motorcycles, and many other toys can sit cozy in this camper option due to its garage.


These campers are pull-behind, meaning you will need a capable truck to haul them along on your adventures. Different size options are available, so you can customize your living and toy space to perfectly suit your needs.


Toy haulers are often a version of a travel trailer or fifth wheel campers (see below), simply upgraded to accommodate a garage for easier transportation.

Fifth Wheels

A fifth-wheel camper is the largest towable camper option available, making it a common choice for people who spend extended amounts of time in their RV. These campers boast plenty of living and storage space, even typically containing a second level for sleeping.


Fifth wheels may also commonly have pop-out areas that can be used while stopped, creating even more space to enjoy. The interiors on these campers are usually luxurious, allowing you to feel completely relaxed in your home away from home. 

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Driveable RVs

Currently, there are three types of drivable RV options — Class A, Class B, and Class C. While they can all be moved without towing, they differ significantly in their sizes and characteristics.

Class B Motorhomes

Class B motorhomes are the smallest drivable RV on the market. They have seen a massive boom in recent times due to the social media popularity of people living the van life. Though they are incredibly convenient, these RVs don’t always have all the amenities other options do. 

Class C Motorhomes

These are moderately sized and typically offer all the amenities you may need to enjoy a nice camping trip. Class C’s usually are equipped with bathrooms, sleeping quarters, kitchens, and dining areas, making them perfect for long trips or for those looking to feel at home while away truly.

Class A Motorhomes

These are the largest driving RV available. They offer you the option to live the RV life in style and luxury with their amenities and space. These campers usually provide more storage space, comfortable living space, and larger appliances to make your trip extremely enjoyable.


Price points in these motorhomes increase typically by size and feature. If you are looking for the most savings, a Class B may suit you best. However, if the price isn’t a problem and you want to travel in luxury, a Class A might be perfect for you.

Choosing the Right RV

The RV bandwagon is booming, and the popularity doesn’t seem to be decreasing anytime soon. However, if you are looking to purchase a camper, it’s crucial to consider many factors before making a final decision.


Determining how you will use your RV, your price point for both vehicles as well as for auto insurance, and what amenities you simply can’t live without can help you choose the perfect option from those listed above. 


Once you’ve decided, the only thing left to do is enjoy your new RV lifestyle.

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