Honeymoon Guide to Hawaii

A Hawaii honeymoon is the ultimate cherry topping on your wedding cake and a dreamy start to wonderful marital bliss.  This is the most exotic and popular destination in the world, a tropical paradise with pristine beaches offering an amazing experience for the start of your marriage.

There’s something for everyone on the Hawaiian Islands, a true tropical romantic destination from the moment you arrive. Using these honeymoon period tips, you’ll find sweeping beached to lounge on all day. The splendid coral reefs, volcanoes, protected parks, and rain forests will invite you for a spot of adventure.

Why Choose Hawaii as Your Honeymoon Destination?

This is the most geographically and naturally diverse location on earth and honeymooners can be spotted lazing on the golden, white, or black beach sands. Honeymoon Tips and tricks aside, the bays and surf breaks in Hawaii are perfect for diving, surfing, or snorkeling in the aquamarine waters.

A realization of Hawaii’s uniqueness and otherworldly exotic beauty hits you the moment you step off the plane.

This is every honeymooner’s favorite destination, scented with the graceful fragrances of tropical flowers like Plumeria whose sweet scent wafts through the festive air.

Hawaii, US, is made up of five islands that include Oahu and Maui, where thick banyan trees with stopped branches sway gently in the ever-present soft sea breezes. There are modern amenities at arm’s length here, but you can take the less beaten path to hideaways like Hana, where attractions include the Seven Sacred Pools.

Hawaii and Kauai are surrounded by species-rich reefs immersed in turquoise blue warm waters; volcanic islands that are an explorer’s paradise.

Uncrowded and immaculate, little Lanai offers less variety but what you’ll get, besides peace to luxuriate in your marital union, is classic Hawaiian culture and heritage. This island has an authentic honeymoon for arranged marriage spots where you can escape or disconnect from regular life so as to be more intimate with your better half.

Which of the Hawaiian Islands Best Suits Your Honeymoon?

First, let me say congratulations on your upcoming wedding and best wishes in your married life. Your island destination in Hawaii will largely depend on your preferences, travel style, time available to honeymoon, and budget.

One of the favorite islands is Kauai, which, like Bali, Indonesia has the full package including beaches, waterfalls, and adventurous forest trail hikes. Remote as opposed to the resorts of Oahu or Maui, the super tropical Kauai is top of the honeymoon tips for newlyweds.

You may choose to spend your entire honeymoon on one of the islands, losing yourselves this carefree romantic escape. Maybe a touristy mix of a couple of nights here and a day excursion here, but perhaps if you knew what each island has to offer, there might be some attraction that will lure you away from the beaches.

Honeymoon on Maui

Maui offers everything in one place, including beaches, spas, shops, and tropical island adventure. If you are trying to be economical, here are some honeymoon tips on a budget to do on Maui island:

A Couple’s Massage

This is one of our honeymoon tips for grooms after a wedding that’s knocked you out tired and your nerves are tense. Start your honeymoon with a couple’s massage, an experience that clears away all the jagged tiredness, leaving you ready to enjoy your romantic break.

On Maui, several resorts and spa establishments offer couple-massage packages available from the luxurious to the budget-friendly.

Maui Road Trip to Hana

From Wailea, take a three hours’ drive to Hana but make sure to enjoy all the attractions along the way. In addition, you can swim at Seven Sacred Pools.

This is a paradisiacal spot for honeymoon goers, and you can camp here on your way to Hana. You’ll get to these pools through a gorgeous bamboo forest, and the pools themselves will be worth every minute you spend there.

Watch the Sunset at Mount Haleakala 

You’ve heard about the famous sunsets and sunrises of Hawaii, and Mt. Haleakala on Maui lets you have incredible views of this paradise island. This is a mountain that you can drive straight to the summit without any rock or crevice climbing involved, and you can use the same pass for the seven sacred pools.

Sleep in every morning of your Maui honeymoon except for the day you want to catch the sunrise on Haleakala. This is an experience totally worth the lack of sleep. It’s amazing to see the golden sun’s rays unfolding in the ancient volcanic crater below.

Honeymoon on Oahu

Home to the state capital for Hawaii, Honolulu, Oahu is probably where you’ll land as it has the biggest airport of all the islands. It is also one of the top-rated destinations by Hawaii’s Dating Reviewer for first dates, for couples who go out of their way to ensure the best experience.

There is no shortage of sandy beaches, resorts, waves, and shops on Oahu, and it’s the perfect destination for a no-holds-barred honeymoon that’s free of hassle.

Our honeymoon tips for the bride include:

Shopping in Waikiki

During the blissful few days with your new husband, you’d want to shop during the Hawaii honeymoon, and Waikiki will do it for you. This is the place to pick up souvenirs and mementos that you can display forever, reminding you of this magical start for your marriage.

Manoa Falls Hike

Convenience is the whole point of a honeymoon destination like Oahu. But wait till you see Manoa Falls and you won’t mind trading snug comforts for all its scenic beauty. It’s not a challenging hike either as it’s only 0.8 miles, a bit muddy but still do-able for the adventurous couple, seeking to discover each other.

Manoa Falls is a visual reward and a picturesque backdrop for your honeymoon pictures that you’ll be glad was worth the sore muscles and sweat.

See Sights at Kualoa Ranch

Many great films have been shot at Kualoa ranch, and you can take part in a tour through the different movie locations on your Oahu honeymoon. If that doesn’t float your romantic boat, there’s also the 49 passenger catamaran and an ATV tour that takes you through Kaneohe bay and picturesque valleys.

A Kauai Honeymoon

If you’d rather hit the hiking trails than spend all afternoon in Oahu shops, head for Kauai island for an adventurous honeymoon. This little island is packed with opportunities to explore and traverse the gifts of Mother Nature, and it’s less developed and therefore not tourist-packed.

Plenty of visitors are drawn to Kauai by its tropical beauty, but there isn’t much congestion. Here are some beach honeymoon tips:

Honeymoon Special Tips for Kayaking

Because of its easy access to the ocean, Kauai’s rivers and bays offer excellent water exploration for couples in kayaks. You and the love of your life can pack into a two-seat kayak, and navigate down the Huleia River to see more of an island that’s packed with wildlife and waterfalls.

Kokee State Park and Waimea Canyon

Only in Kauai will you lounge on the beach in the morning and get to see Hawaii’s version of the Grand Canyon in the afternoon. There are many trails to hike through in Kokee State Park, but the one that takes you through Waimea canyon is the most spectacular, an unforgettable experience for your Hawaii honeymoon.

Hanalei Bay

Mouth agape in awestruck wonder is a popular pass time at this Kauai island beach, which is two miles long and has a backdrop of lush green mountains. You can’t help but sigh at the beautiful resolute sight in front of you, a pristine setting where honeymooners swim, paddle boat, or sail the bay.

Awa Awapuhi Trail

Here’s a hiking trail suited to honeymoon-makers who could use a downhill stroll down Awa’awapuhi Trail after a strenuous wedding.  This trail is located within the Kokee state park, is short, and offers panoramic cliff and ocean views for the more adventurous couple.

Chopper Ride to Manawai Puna Falls

Now, this island is wild, and you can’t explore Kauai all on foot. That’s why there are many options available for honeymoon cruise tips and helicopter tours. One of the places you’ll want to fly over is the so-called Jurassic falls or Manawaiopuna falls, which are only accessible by helicopter.

Hawaii Big Island Honeymoon

The island of Hawaii or big island is a heady mix of the honeymooning excitement available in Maui, Oahu, and Kauai. This is the larger island, offering an urban experience alongside a remote adventure one, with h5-star resorts, and quick ventures to splendid beaches.

Some cheap honeymoon tips include opportunities on this island like:

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

As mentioned earlier, our honeymoon destination tips included a reverie of the memories made at the tropical botanical garden on Big Island. This is a 40-acre sanctuary and show garden that is home to over 2000 exotic plant species, surrounded by streams and waterfalls.


It’d be a shame to not see the undersea beauty of the waters around Hawaii’s big island during your honeymoon. One of the essential honeymoon tips leads to plenty of spots with good snorkeling opportunities as well as extreme guided diving tours where you and your love can swim with manta rays.

Volcanoes National Park and Lava Flows

When hot magma comes boiling out of active volcanoes, it forms lava, which flows sizzling downhill and is a sight to behold as well as a prime memory to cherish.  The Hawaii volcanoes national park is dedicated to, you guessed right, volcanoes, which are slow-moving and predictable so your honeymoon tips for love and marriage won’t be in any immediate danger.

Honeymoon on Lanai

Do you want some secluded remote location to hold hands and get lost in each other? Then take your honeymoon to the smaller island of Lanai. Honeymooners short on time will find it easy to quickly disconnect with everyday concerns as there’s little competition for places to see or things to get done.

That said, and in the sight of good honeymoon tips, there are activities and places on this Hawaiian island that you won’t find elsewhere. You can make your honeymoon more elaborately satisfying by visiting:

The Garden of the Gods

This is a contradiction, as the garden of the gods is a barren wasteland with rocks and orange sand that makes it look like you’re on planet Mars. That’s not a very romantic sounding place as part of your honeymoon in Hawaii tips, but that’s until the sunset kicks in and wonderland is unlocked.

As the sun goes down, the sky turns purple and pink, and in harmony with the rock scene, creates a remarkable sight, one that you’ll never forget.

Culture and Heritage Center

The lanai culture and heritage center is packed with historically significant knowledge, including that of the entire Hawaiian people’s. Though not very big, you’ll come totally learned while its location at the administration building of the old Dole pineapple plantation will leave you stunned by its lush green beauty.

Hulopoe Bay

Said to be a representation of the classic Hawaiian beach, Hulopoe Bay is a wonderland of all year-round sunshine that’s perfect for your honeymoon. Hulopoe bay has swimmers, snorkelers, divers, and surfers, who, especially in winter, come to take advantage of the high waves.

If you’ve never seen a dolphin away from the aquarium, or the chance school of whales, you should go for a honeymoon on Lanai Island in the winter.

Packing For a Hawaii Honeymoon

Now that you have some information on where to go and what to do, here are some honeymoon planning tips:

There’s no way you’ll be honeymooning in Hawaii without swimsuits, and while packing sunglasses and sunburn lotion, throw in a couple of beach shirts, shorts, and sarongs. A sun hat or two will come in handy, and for all the beachcombing, matching pairs of flip flops will do perfectly.

Since you plan to catch sights off the beaten path, a pair of sneakers can also be used for catching some action at the hotel or resort gym. Add a pair of resort-style evening dresses for those nights when you come out to sample Hawaiian food, and include flying leggings for the long flights on and off the island.


Have you visited Hawaii before? If you haven’t, use the above honeymoon tips for a great time ahead. If you have, which was your favorite destination? Please share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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