10 Instagram Worthy Picturesque Spots in Glasgow

10 Instagram Worthy Picturesque Spots in Glasgow

Oh, hi there! Are you one of those travel buffs who are looking forward to visiting the fabulous city of Glasgow in Scotland? Well, if you are, just know that you’ve landed on the right pages. 

First, let me commend you for coming up with an excellent decision of taking a break (be it from work, from school, or the harsh reality of life) by having an extraordinary Glasgow trip. It’s guaranteed that you’ll be in great awe as soon as you take your first baby steps on the striking city. 

And to kickstart your Glasgow travel itinerary, see this helpful list of the places you might not want to forget to visit. They’re not just pleasing on the eyes, but a whole lot better captures for filling in your Instagram feed! 

Note: This isn’t a ranked list.

1. Ashton Lane

First on the list is the ever-fascinating Ashton Lane which you can visit on the west end of Glasgow city. You may reach this teeny little lane walking distance from the University of Glasgow. 

Though it’s a little hard to find, getting on the Ashton lane is absolutely worth it. Most of the visitors who have been on the lane describe it as “cute” and “sparkling”. 

But there’s more to its cuteness as you can also enjoy So, don’t be the last one to see the glimmering lane which is a total package for your next gram photos


2. Central Station

Who says that getting some shots on a train station is a total flop, huh? Well, you might change your judgment once you stopped by Central Station. 

Central Station is a great addition to your collection of photos from your Glasgow trip. You can get dramatic and intensified shot most especially if you’ll come to visit on a weekend morning – the empty station will give a different level of accent on your photo. 


3. Gallery of Modern Art

Most travellers look for the best cafes and bars on the places they’re visiting just to have a sip or taste of its best beverages and selection of specialities.

But if you’re a travel buff who has a big heart and appreciation for art, then visiting the Gallery of Modern Art must be included on your itinerary. 




Situated in the city centre in Royal Exchange Square and just a few minutes of walk from the Central Station, you can visit the exceptionally architectured building of the Gallery of  Modern Art.

Make sure to get the best angle with the Gallery of Modern Art behind you to have tap-worthy shots for the gram.  


4. Glasgow Cathedral

One of the most prominent and most sought-after tourist attractions in Glasgow is the Glasgow Cathedral.

This exquisitely structured and large cathedral is accessible through a 20-minute walk from the city centre. 



You can have IG-worthy shots whether from inside or outside the cathedral. Aside from the place’s serene ambience, what you’ll appreciate and love more is its Scottish Gothic architecture that will totally hype up each of your photos!


5. Glasgow City Chambers

If you’ll book accommodation in Glasgow George Square, you can allocate some of your time to see the Glasgow City Chambers.

The Glasgow City Chambers is the face and gateway of the Second City of the Empire’s wealth and accomplishments. 

The chamber is considered as one of the most prestigious and significant structures in Glasgow city. So, if you want to experience a little step back in time, feel free to visit the Glasgow City chambers and gather all the IG-worthy shots you can get!


6. Necropolis

Next on the list is a place which is located just behind the beautiful Glasgow Cathedral, the Glasgow Necropolis.

Though it has a dull and creepy ambience, tourist and Glaswegians love its state-of-the-art architecture, interesting stories, and amazing sculptures. 

Aside from that, you can also take some time to look at the wonderful view of Glasgow city. And might as well grab that opportunity to take an IG-worthy shot with the glimmering city behind!


7. Royal Exchange Square

If you want to go people-watching, do a little bit of walk [morning or night], and take more photos, don’t forget to visit the Royal Exchange Square.

You can find in the heart of the city centre just a few walks away from the Central Station as well. 




The Royal Exchange Square will absolutely give you an extraordinary travel experience with its beauty that’s more striking at night.

This grand neo-classical structure houses the Gallery of Modern Art, so, it’s like hitting two birds in one stone as kind of visit, huh?


8. St. Andrews Cathedral

The next picture-worthy spot on the list is another Cathedral, the St. Andrews Cathedral.

This beautifully structured building is another striking spot you’ll find in the core of the city centre and another walking distance attraction from Central Station. 

Since it has been fully renovated a few years back, the beauty of the Cathedral continues to shine more and more as years go by. This serene place will absolutely feed your eyes with its whimsical and heaven-like beauty.  


9. The Grand Central (Facade)

If you’re looking for a perfect place that’s ideal for a portrait shot, then come rush to The Grand Central Hotel Facade and witness its elegance before your eyes.

This Hotel is also one of the most prestigious architectures in the city of Glasgow. 

The Grand Central Hotel is formerly constructed in the late 19th century as a great British railway hotel. This place is directly attached to Glasgow’s Central Station. 


10. The Kelvingrove Museum

When talking about the best places to visit and to take photos from in Glasgow, the Kelvingrove shouldn’t miss a spot on the list.

This red sandstone structure which is located in Kelvingrove Parl will greatly give you the “Harry Potter” feeling even by seeing its facade (so, hello to the Harry Potter fans out there!)

But, there’s more to find inside the museum aside from the lovely spots to take travel photos. You can also find amusing and captivating collections of art and artefacts!


Additional tip: Where to stay during your Glasgow travel

As you put colours to your most-anticipated Glasgow travel, you might not want to forget about searching for the best hotels in Glasgow city centre.

Or if you’re travelling on a budget, you can also look for a selection of cheap accommodation in Glasgow. But keep in mind that you can also book a serviced apartment in Glasgow George Square or the Central Hotel Glasgow. 



Don’t worry because these varieties of accommodation choices are also picture-perfect that will give your newly uploaded photos an instant double click fro your followers!

So, stop staring at the pages and begin your quick vacay to the grand city of Glasgow.

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