Fun places to go in Hampshire

Fun places to go in Hampshire

When it comes to fun things to do in Hampshire, there are a number of options. Whether as couples, family or on your own. The picturesque county of Hampshire is surrounded by the beauty from the rolling hills to the fun-filled cities such as Southampton and Portsmouth.

There is simply not enough hours in the day to see it all!

Hampshire is also home to an exciting world of history. From grand Cathedrals, exciting Castles, to the ancient city of Winchester. 

If you are stuck for ideas for your trip to Hampshire or want something new and exciting to do over the weekend, we have put together a list of unusual things to do as soon as possible. There will most certainly be some suggestions that when added to your itinerary, will help to create a day to remember. 

If you are planning a long trip to, consider booking some reliable accommodation, in the form of serviced accommodation. If you are travelling, a serviced accommodation in Hampshire can help save money, but create a relaxed atmosphere on your visit to Hampshire. 


Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

One of the biggest cities in Hampshire, Portsmouth, is a city that buzzes with excitement. Home to an array of shopping centres and restaurants, not forgetting the infamous Historic Dockyard, there is something for everyone in this southern city. 

When visiting the Dockyard, step back in time and learn about the maritime history of the city. With gift shops, The National Royal Navy museum and a whole host of performances that allow you to fully experience the time of Lord Nelson.

An exciting time for visiting this key attraction, the recent creation of the Horrible History tour has been added, allowing children to have the experience to remember, playing pirates in the dockyard.

What makes Portsmouth Dockyard ever so famous, however, is its ships. Porting both Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson’s HMS Victory and Queen Victoria’s HMS Warrior.

But, not only can you see the ships, you can walk the footsteps of its sailors and take a personal tour around its decks. Immersing yourself in the period of time and what it would have felt like to be a sailor back when the boats were active. 

After visiting the Historic Dockyard, finish the day off with a generous helping of food, served in one of the many historical themed cafes, before setting off on the next journey.


Marwell Zoo- Winchester

A day visiting Marwell Zoo, will be sure to be fun-filled and success for all the family.

Set on 140 acres of transformed land, everyone who visits will have an exciting day marvelling at the large selection of animals that are housed at this zoo. 

It is home to a selection of exotic and endangered species that are placed in perfect homes that resemble their natural environments; allowing viewers the experience of how the animal will act in real life.

Marwell Zoo is not only home to endangered species, but it also has a family of star animals, that have quickly become some of their best exhibitions with audiences from all over. These animals range from the White Rhino, Amur Tigers, Rothschild Giraffes, Snow Leopards and even Humboldt Penguins!

Visitors to the zoo can not only enjoy viewing the animals on their personal walk round. But the enclosures also offer interesting talks on the species, including up close and personal feeds, where the audience is free to give the giraffes their lunch for the day! 

This is just to name a few examples of the amazing things to do at Marwell Zoo, so why not go and see for yourself the amazing collection the zoo has amazing built up over the years. 


Fun places to go in Hampshire


The New Forest

The New Forest National Park has been a Hampshire holiday location for many years. With families visiting this national park to camp, enjoy the beauty of nature and spend time with the famous roaming semi-wild New Forest horses. 

With a huge amount of fun things to do against the gorgeous backdrop of the forest for all of the family to enjoy.

The park even offers its visitors luxury accommodation, cafes, bed and breakfasts, and even self-catering cottages! The perfect options for the self-care, relaxing weekends away that we all need every once in a while! 

So why not escape to the woodland this weekend. It doesn’t have to be budget pressing either, as the New Forest has the most spectacular walking and cycling routes, allowing the public to soak up the views from various heights- the best Instagram filler!


Beaulieu- Home of the National Motor Museum

Beaulieu is a tremendous multi-award winning museum, offering one of the best days out for all of the family, with something for everyone!

The museum allows its visitors to experience years of vehicles with over 250 on offer between each room. From the high-speed, intense Formula 1 cars, to exhibits of cars in history, for those who enjoy learning and want to immerse themselves into what would have been. 

When visiting Beaulieu, there is more to do at the museum than just admiring historic cars,  as there are a handful of interactive displays and activities such as the infamous driving range. 


Bombay Sapphire Distillery

Perfect for all gin lovers, whether as a couple, friendship groups or even just yourself; why not take a trip to the stunning Bombay Sapphire Distillery. Located at Laverstoke Mill in the rural area of Hampshire, the Distillery is situated within a conservation area that holds over 1000 years of history. 

The experience allows the public to see the talent and artistry behind Gin crafting. As well as showing the botanicals that make up the layers of this household favourite brand of   Gin, and why its flavouring is so unique. 

The experience doesn’t stop here, however. Take in the nature surrounding the distillery and walk along the River Test, while uncovering all e beauty that this conservation area is home to.

The area around the distillery owns a family of things to do. From an exotic Glasshouse, (in which all of the various botanicals of gin can be found), the Dakin Still House and The Mill Bar.

So why not visit Laverstoke and book in for a knowledgeable yet entertaining cocktail class, perfect for birthdays, celebrations, or just a good day out!



With Hampshire being one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, there is no doubt that it offers a huge amount of fun and unusual things to do. 

From exciting zoos to interactive driving experiences, there is so much to choose from. The items above are just the smallest selection of ideas, however, promise to be a huge hit with the family.

Even better, the activity does not have to be expensive. With so much nature to see, a simple dog walk or cycle around the area is still a day out to remember. Stop at a local pub along the coast, or in the countryside to finish the day on a good note before soaking up the sunset on the way home.

Doing small activities in your free time is the best way to bring friends and family together, and create a collection of memories that everyone can look back on for the years to come.

Be sure when booking your trip to Hampshire to book serviced accommodation in advance to fully experience what Hampshire has to offer. From locations that tower above the stunning marinas, all the way to the blanketed hills of the countryside. There is something for everyone here in Hampshire. 

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