10 Essentials to Pack for a Long Vacation in Ireland

10 Essentials to Pack for a Long Vacation in Ireland

Hello, there! Are you on set for your most-awaited long vacation in Ireland? Well, if you do, make sure that you bring several pieces of your home with you.

As a traveller, you have to keep your things as organised as possible regardless of the places you’re visiting. Your backpack or luggage must be filled with the most essential things for a hassle-free kind of travel – especially for a long vacation or trip abroad.

So, before you rush out for your Irish trip, relax, sit down, and check out the following list below as you start packing for your sweetest escape to date


1. Anti-theft or traveller’s backpack

The incidents of pickpocketing may not be that rampant in the continent of Europe but unfortunately, this kind of scenario takes place in Ireland – particularly in the County Dublin around O’Connell Bridge and the Liffey. So, whether you’re from a remote town or a tourist from abroad, you’re advised to use an anti-theft or even a traveller’s backpack.

Though these types of bags are a bit pricey, it’s indeed a good investment, especially if you’re travelling by yourself more often. You can effectively secure your belongings wherever you go without worrying about being a victim of theft or pickpocketing incidents. 


2. Toiletries, medicines, and toiletry bag or pouch

Though there are several hotels available in Ireland where toiletries and first-aid kit are well-provided, you’re still advised to bring your own set together with a toiletry bag or pouch where you can keep them together.

Let’s say you’ve booked a hotel in Ballsbridge in the County Dublin, any accommodation in County Galway, or even a simple yet relaxing apartment in County Kilkenny, they may be able to provide your toiletry and/or first-aid kit needs or they may not. 

And sometimes, taking public comfort rooms can be a different level of challenge when travelling especially if you’re a germaphobe. Also, bringing some meds or basic medical supplies is advisable primarily if you’re not familiar with the place – you surely have no idea where the nearest hospital or clinic is.    


3. Powerbank

A few years back, there was no such thing called powerbank. Well, thanks to technology, you no longer have to run around looking for an outlet to charge your phone or any of your electronic devices. 

If you’re a techy person or the kind of person who depends on your phone or iPad whenever you’re travelling, then you must have your powerbank. The so-called powerbank is a portable charger which can save your electronic devices from going out of their battery life. 


4. Booklet or journal

Bringing either a booklet or a journal is an absolute help especially if you’re fascinated enough of documenting your trip

Bringing either a booklet or a journal is an absolute help especially if you’re fascinated enough of documenting your trip. And since Ireland is a large place, taking notes of every tourist spots you’ve been to, historical attractions you’ve visited, foods you’ve tried, and so on, can take your memory lane in a whole new upgrade.

You can also use any of the two for listing down the contact details of the hotel you’re staying in, the nearest police station and hospital in your accommodation, and contact information of your friends or family.


5. Walking or running shoes

Wherever you travel, choosing the most appropriate pair of shoes must also on your list. If you’re a type of traveller who’s after adventure, fun, and thrilling activities, then you better not forget bringing walking or running shoes with you.

Your walking or running shoes will save your feet from aching and soring upon strolling around the huge place of Ireland. Your pair of comfy shoes also gives you more freedom to move from one place to another and do adrenaline-inducing activities without hesitation! 


6. Umbrella or a waterproof jacket

Though Ireland has an excellently mild climate, it still rains sometimes. And bringing an umbrella or even a waterproof jacket is suggested to avoid getting into a hassle during your travel. 

Staying warm and dry is the key to a comfortable and hassle-free Irish trip. Moreover, you can still use your umbrella once Mr Sun comes up and says “Hi” to you up from the sky. 


7. Clothes and socks

Of course, your backpacking list wouldn’t be complete without the proper clothing on your luggage.

Of course, your backpacking list wouldn’t be complete without the proper clothing on your luggage. But in Ireland, you don’t have to carry tons of clothing or a variety of stilettos.

Since Ireland contains fair weather, you might want to prepare the comfiest clothes you have in your closet. And if you want to savour in cosier kind of Irish morning, you can also bring socks with you while sipping your deliciously warm coffee in your Irish hotel room! 


8. Sunscreen with SPF50 

Sunscreens aren’t only for girls who are drop-dead passionate in protecting their delicate skin. Whether you’re a fair lady or not, applying sunscreen, most particularly with SPF50+, shouldn’t be the last thing you do before stepping out of your home to explore the world.

It’s simply because travelling more often means soaking up under the sun most of the time. And you wouldn’t want to burn your skin, right? So, try to bring sunscreen with you on any of your travels from now on. 


9. Eco-friendly bottles

Travellers are the ones who are privileged enough to see and experience the beauty and wonders of the world. And with that, as a travel buff, you must also have the initiative to take care of the natural resources and attractions you’re visiting.

And one way to promote the love for the environment is by bringing eco-friendly bottles instead of plastic ones. You can also purchase reusable utensils which you can bring everywhere you go with you. 


10. Electronic devices

Travelling without taking photos or videos is literally a boring one!

Travelling without taking photos or videos is literally a boring one! Of course, your photos and videos are your very weapon to preserve your unforgettable and thrilling travel memories. 

Though, there’s no need to fill your backpack with loads and tons of photography equipment. It’s because even a smartphone or a GoPro can handle the job as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Just choose the finest device to capture every moment in HD. And for sure, you can get that Instaworthy shots as you roam around the beautiful place of Ireland!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your backpack right now and start packing for your long vacation in the magnificent grounds of Ireland. But, don’t ever forget to share your stories to our readers, okay?

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