Best Places to Travel Solo

Best Places to Travel Solo

Initially, people who decide to go on solo travels probably are not sure what the best places to travel solo are.

However, they can, and usually do, travel anywhere and everywhere around the world. Still, there are a few specific places that are especially good to visit on your own.

In making this list, the following factors are the ones we recommend you put your focus on:

  1. Safety, which is especially important for female solo travellers,
  2. local culture of the countries in the discussion, 
  3. the opportunity of meeting new people while travelling, and 
  4. how easy it is to find your way if you do not speak the local language.

Keep reading to find out which places around the world are the best places to travel on your own.

Top best places to travel solo

1. New Zealand

People who opt for solo travelling will love New Zealand. This is especially the case if they lead a more active lifestyle. Namely, if you love going on hikes, riding mountain bikes, or similar outdoor activities, seriously consider visiting New Zealand.

Along with this, this is probably the most relaxing travel destinations. This is mostly due to very low crime rates. Also, even the smaller towns have their own centres for tourist and visitor information!

Visiting New Zealand solo will be an incredible adventure alt: a person standing on top of a mountain

Since the staff here is always friendly, you can be sure they will give you a hand with anything you need. For example, you can ask them how to find a place to stay or how to book activities. In this way, you will always feel safe!

However, what is probably the best fact about this country, is that there are numerous adventures waiting for you! Some of these include the well-known Great Walks and even amazing tours with Lord of the Rings themes. Therefore, don’t hesitate to book your trip as soon as possible.


2. Denmark


Exploring Denmark is always very easy for people who decide to travel solo. This is mostly due to the fact that Denmark is one of the happiest, as well as the safest countries in the world. Also, most Danish people speak English pretty well.

Therefore, they are more than happy to help tourists around. Moreover, if you absolutely adore history, Denmark really is one of the best places to travel solo. This is because you will be able to enjoy exploring the ruins of Vikings and their medieval castles.

Along with this, there are many bike paths that cover the country. If you are an outdoorsy type, you can easily join the locals on this adventure.


3. Thailand is one of the best places to travel solo

Thailand is one of the best places to travel solo

Thailand is a very popular destination for many solo travellers from all over the world. Some of the biggest reasons for this are the welcoming locals, amazing sights, and a great trail for backpackers.

Due to these and many other reasons, Thailand is extremely popular nowadays within the solo travelling community. 

Visit Thailand solo for an amazing time alt: Thailand landscape, as one of the best places to travel solo

What makes it even more fantastic is that you can have your solo journey to Thailand a totally diverse experience! Firstly, you can have an unforgettable time in Bangkok. Then, you can soak up the sun on Koh Samui.

Also, you can opt for a stay in a local town or choose to try a yoga retreat somewhere in a secluded location. Ultimately, a combination of all of these activities may be exactly what you need.

However, make sure you pack properly for a long vacation. You will want to have all your essentials with you for this solo trip.


4. Chile


In general, this country is perhaps the safest one in South America. Not only does it have scenic landscapes including both beaches and mountains. Although the locals in Chile are super friendly, not all of them speak English very well.

However, this is the perfect opportunity for you to use some common Spanish phrases you learned before. Also, you can check out the assistance for your long distance relocation project in FL. This project is aimed at helping solo travellers and it may be just what you need.

Moreover, some of the most well-known spots you can visit include the Atacama Desert and the mountains of Patagonia.


5. Israel

Although terrorism is a general concern here, security is very high in Israel. Because of this, myriad of people visit Israel each year, even when travelling solo. First, many try to spend a couple of days sightseeing the holy spots and markets in Jerusalem.

After, they usually visit Tel Aviv and Eilat. Another great spot to visit as a solo traveller is the mountain fortress of Masada. 


6. Ireland


Ireland has many different appeals for people travelling solo. Not only is it safe and beautiful, but is also very easy for English speakers to find their way around.

However, what is probably the absolute best thing Ireland is that it is incredibly friendly and welcoming. For example, you’ll find locals who will greet you or will start a conversation at the pub. Because of this, you will never feel lonely, even if you are travelling by yourself. 

 The Irish are the friendliest people you will meet alt: a street in Ireland


7. Visit Japan as one of the best places to travel solo

Visit Japan as one of the best places to travel solo

Since it has very low crime rates and wonderful local people, Japan is one of the best places to travel solo. This is especially the case when it comes to solo female travellers. Namely, you can easily buy a ticket and enjoy a ride on bullet trains around the country. For example, you can go and explore Kyoto and all its temples and teahouses.

After, you can enjoy Hakone hot springs and hiking trails. Also, you should definitely go to see the lively streets of the city of Tokyo. Moreover, one thing you definitely shouldn’t miss on your solo trip to Japan is a traditional ryokan.

Here, you will be able to spend a night sleeping on a tatami mat and afterwards enjoy a traditional Japanese breakfast.


8. Australia


Australia turns out to be the world’s safest country for women. Because of this, it got particularly popular among solo female travellers. However, gender isn’t important here.

Namely, you will definitely enjoy Australia’s numerous wonderful landscapes. For example, you should check out the famous Sydney skyline, and then the Great Barrier Reef.

After these two, make sure you visit the Outback. Also, do not worry about where you will stay. Australia has an amazing range of hostels. Interestingly, this is where you can meet many other solo travellers!

Also, since the locals speak English and are very easy-going, you won’t have any trouble finding your way.

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