Best Destinations for the Upcoming Winter Season

What’s better than ending the year with a fun and memorable winter vacation? It is one of the most wonderful season of the year- a perfect time to escape the winter blues and make memories with your family and friends. With a wide range of locations to choose from, you can enjoy a sunny getaway or have an adventurous time among the snowy slopes.

Here are some of the best winter wedding destinations to give your year a grand ending.

1.South Africa

Any snowbird will vouch for South Africa as one of the best places to visit during winter. The country offers a sunny escape from the chilly winter days in your region. Cape Town, South Africa, is your safest bet if you want to enjoy the holidays at an affordable price point.

Situated in the Northern Hemisphere, Cape Town is known for its rain and snow. It is blanketed in grey skies, and you will likely need to pack layers of clothing for your winter vacation trip. December through March, the Capital of South Africa glistens with summer sunshine.

The temperatures range between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. As a traveller, it means that you get to spend hours and hours outside, enjoying various activities. You can tour the vineyards, surf at Atlantic spots, and more.


What comes to mind when you close your eyes and imagine the perfect winter season day on vacation? Yes, the Bahamas. If you imagined a sunny day at a clean, stunning beachside, don’t think twice before booking your trip to the Bahamas.

The Bahamas offers you the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing vacation on the white-sand Caribbean beaches. The sparkling white sands and crystal-clear turquoise waters are bound to take your breath away. The Bahamas is irresistible in all aspects. The Winter Hemisphere promises pleasant winter weather if you prefer snowy peaks.

Besides sunny beaches and snowy peaks, the Bahamas also offer interesting activities, such as visiting historic cities, taking food and rum walking tours, etc.


Jamaica is a well-known destination for its jaw-dropping sandy beaches and swaying palm trees. Travellers worldwide visit the country throughout the year. Jamaica is the place to go if you want to enjoy a tropical beach holiday during your winter getaway.

In Jamaica, the winter weather is warm and sunny. What does this mean? It is the best place for travellers looking to escape the cold winter days. You can have the perfect winter vacation by the beach sipping margaritas and pina Coladas. Talking about the beaches, don’t forget to visit Nergil Beach during your stay in Jamaica.

Besides, the country is rich in world-class cultures, such as Rastafarianism, reggae, and spice. You will enjoy the flora and fauna, adventurous outdoor activities, and fantastic nightlife. Let’s not forget that travellers can’t stop raving about the villas, so it should definitely be on your bucket list.


If you’re fond of travelling, you may already know the hype about visiting Italy during summer. It offers magical sights, stunning castle views, and sightseeing from terrace cafes. And how can we forget about the gondola rides in Venice? However, what you may not know is that Venice, Italy, also makes a great winter holiday destination.

With a blanket of mist and grey clouds, Venice is nothing short of a dream. Believe it or not, the city turns even more beautiful in the winter than it is during the summer. Venice is just the option for you if you enjoy subtly romantic getaways with friends and family.

You will find near-empty beaches to spend laid-back, relaxing time by the breathtaking waters. Additionally, Venice is a flattering place for foodies from across the world. During the winter, you can visit the EuroChocolate and Alba White Truffle Festival. Some of the top attractions in the city are old cafes, misty canals, and the rain-soaked Piazza San Marco.


Mexico is one of one destination you’ll find on just about every traveller’s list. If so, how about ticking it off the list this upcoming winter season? A well-known truth about Mexico is that it is just as visit-worthy in winter as in summer.

It is a beautiful destination with many direct flights from the US. That means the country saves you the hassle you would face if you chose another country. Mexico City deserves a spot on your winter vacation bucket list for several reasons.

It has countless museums to discover on your- the Frida Kahlo –Museum is a must-visit. You’re bound to love shopping in the local and high-end markets to grab lovely souvenirs for your friends back in your hometown.

Bottom Line

Many adults have never had a winter vacation in their life. If you’re one of them, this is your sign to plan one this upcoming winter season. South Africa, Bahamas, Jamaica, Italy, and Mexico are some of your best options to escape the winter blues and have a fun and relaxing time.

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