10 Best Adventure Travel Destinations Worldwide

10 Best Adventure Travel Destinations Worldwide

Fill your life with adventure, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show.

Adventure is just not a noun and adventurous is just not an adjective for a person who is a pure adventure seeker.

For them, adventure means action, a rush of adrenaline and much more to unfold. And an adventurous person is the one who is not disappointed with dirt-filled bumpy roads, unending stretches with no signals and unpredictable weather.

The one who prefers to explore nick and nooks of a place rather than sitting in a hotel room and the one who happily adjusts in a cramped traveller hostel when the lounge/hotel rooms are full.

The one who doesn’t need a reservation for travelling and can happily gorge on cheap food stalls and shacks. This is what defines a true adventure traveller. 

Therefore if you really are planning an adventure trip then it should definitely be worth it, isn’t it? A trip which gives us the real thrill and takes us high on the note of excitement is what we need where anything and everything should set our heart pumping high.

So, if anytime you want to go for a quick escapade there should be options to choose from. And why not. We do have some exciting and thrilling destinations in the world which are perfect for your next big bang adventure trips.

So, in today’s article, we are going to share some of these destinations which will surely be on your mind while you are planning a trip.

1. Hang Son Doong, Vietnam

We all have lived near rivers, on mountains or in the forests but have you lived in a cave and that too the world’s biggest cave?

Hang Son Doong is a gargantuan cavern that was discovered in the 1990s and is believed to be 400 million years old with a connected network of caves which can be explored with a big tour which is quite expensive.

But if you don’t want to drain your pockets then there are other activities in which you can indulge yourselves. The Phong-Nha-Ke-Bang National Park where this place is situated is mesmerizing too with the vivid karst mountains and dense jungles along with the rich fauna.

You can take a guided tour here to explore the jungles and can also spot the macaque monkeys and rare birds. And if you are one sort of a wanderer looking out to see rural life then you can go cycling alongside the gushing rivers and lush green carpets of rice paddies.


2. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

“Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight” this quote by David Livingstone on Victoria Falls describes it so well. This place which is Africa’s most visited adventure destination has a long list of dynamic activities just like this falls.

May it be the 111-meter bungee jumping or the signature activity of white river rafting on the falls, this place has a lot to show you. You can zipline across the River Zambezi, go skydiving or cage diving amongst the crocodiles’ everything here sets us at a thrilling pace.

The white river rafting here lets you go through the wildest rapids with the ineluctable water splashes from the raft. The view of the waterfall’s various look point points through a helicopter is a feeling in itself which leaves us speechless for sure. 


3. Queenstown, New Zealand 

Sitting on the shores of Lake Wakatipu against the dramatic Southern Alps, Queenstown is known worldwide for its adventure sports along with the rich flow of rich wine in this region’s vineyards and the well-known mining towns.

In this adventure capital, you have a lot to choose from with jet boating, bungee jumping,  water rafting, kayaking, hiking, skiing, zip-lining, paragliding, canyon swings and much more which can make us feel tired and giddy at the same time just thinking about it.


Queenstown, New Zealand 

Skiing in Queenstown, New Zealand


If you are jet boarding on the famous Shotover or bungee jumping from the Kawarau Bridge every adventure sport here screams of its intoxicating places and beauty. And what’s better than heading to the winery for a fine glass of wine or the shot of the award-winning gin.

Now when you are exhausted with trying all the sports and wandering here and there you can have a relaxing lazy view and ride the skyline gondola over Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu. Being a year-round destination you can enjoy both the sunny days as well as the snowy days. 


4. Leh, India 

Outstretched in the beautiful state of Jammu and Kashmir this tranquilizing place is one of the dreamiest places in the World. The unending vast and expanded hills lining along the way with the slow-paced life here is just surreal.

This place is not only known for its natural beauty but also the thrill and daring sports here. From mountaineering and cycling in the rough desert terrain to river rafting in the forest green rivers, this place surely has something special.

Not only that but the best way to divulge this place is by trekking through its bare and rocky mountains and breathe in its landscape. The peaceful monasteries of Shey, Hemis, Alichi, Thikse, and Lamayuru lets you feel the eternal bliss by nurturing the spirituality in you.

You can also satiate your lust of wandering through these crossroads of the old silk route by travelling from Manali to Leh on a bike as the given route is also known as the “Biker’s Paradise” due to the unending trips of the bikers here who love wandering in this paradise.


5. Chamonix, France 

It is known to be the starting and finishing point of Europe’s famous long-distance hike, The Tour Du Blanc which makes this town quite popular. The essential experiences you should not miss out here are of that of paragliding in the nearby Mieussy which is known to be the place where paragliding was the first time started.

And for the mountaineers, the summit of Mont Blanc leading to the tip of the Alp’s highest peak is a memory of a lifetime. Along with this is the Chamonix Valley that also accommodates some skiing areas and skiing runs.

The one known for its grandeur here is the Vallee Blanche the best adventure in the snow amongst all. The 20 km off-piste run starts over from Aiguille du Midi cable car station directing towards the  Longest Glacier in France (Mer De Glace) which is 2700 mt down along Chamonix. 


6. Pokhara, Nepal 

This epic place with the background of Himalayas is popular for being one of the world’s premium paragliding destinations. The most unique of paragliding comes here at Pokhara with a tandem flight which is occupied by trained vultures and hawks.

The Zip Flyer here is claimed to be the longest in the world with 1800 meters and with a vertical drop of 600 meters and also with the s zip line which is the steepest.



Paragliding in Nepal with the background of Himalayas.


Many mountain bikers get through Annapurna, the second city of Nepal which is a trekking getaway and is loved for the trips to Sarangkot hills and a long trip around the Annapurna Circuit.

For spending some peaceful time in the serenity of Nepal you can visit the beautiful Phewa Lake. Here, you can go boating in the water or have dinner at the Lakeside. 


7. La Fortuna, Costa Rica 

Well-known for the blasting power of volcanoes here because of the Arenal Volcano which cleaned out several villages in 1968 many people started flocking here to visit this place. And believe us Arenal has the most spectacular view with the towering height of 1,633 meters.

If you want to see the decades-old lava flows from the earlier eruption and want to have a close look at the volcano you can go hiking through the Arenal Volcano National Park or the nearby Arenal 1968 trail.

To ease the tiring knots of your body you can go for the natural La Fortuna’s hot springs and soak yourself for a luxurious “me” time. If you are a true hardcore adventurer then you should probably know that La Fortuna is one of the best destinations for zip lining and hanging bridges.

With the heavenly rainforest canopy from above a zip line cable or hanging bridge, you can also see mesmerizing views of the volcano and fresh lakes. Other than this you can also have a treetop view of a rainforest on the hanging bridges of Mistico park.


8. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia 

Being one of the most beautiful gifts of Australia, the great barrier reef is the world’s largest coral reef in the world with the spectacular reefs.


Adventure enthusiasts can go o scuba diving or snorkelling in Australia.

Go scuba diving or snorkelling in Australia.


If you are visiting the reef then you would have a lot to experience including snorkelling, scuba diving, helicopter or aeroplane tours, self sail, glass-bottomed boat viewing, cruise tours, whale watching and you can also swim with the dolphins. 


9. Banff, Canada 

Not only does adventure seeps through Banff due to the annual Mountain Film Festival but it also has a lot of adventure sports to offer on its platter. Rafting through the rivers of Kicking Horse or Kananaskis river or clipping into the Mt.Norquay via Ferrata you will always be high on adrenaline for sure.


Canada is a treat for mountain bikers with the 200 km trail including the Star Wars, headliners, and Topp Notch.

Canada is a treat for mountain bikers with the 200 km trail including the Star Wars, headliners, and Topp Notch.


The popular guided winter ice walk into the Johnson Canyon or flying down the zip line are sure to create beautiful memories of this Canadian town. It’s a treat for mountain bikers with the 200 km trail including the Star Wars, headliners, and Topp Notch.

The skier’s favourite spot is the enthralling ski fields with the alluring crampons and ice axes to the area’s frozen waterfalls which are worth gazing. Also, a dip at the Banff Upper Hot Springs should never be missed with the views on the sulfur mountain along with the drive to the Bow Valley Parkway.


10. Yosemite National Park, USA

This park is one of America’s favourite national parks and camping sites. But there’s much more to do other than camping here. The luscious waterfalls and the gigantic mountains here are to die for.

The granite cious valley with the impending glaciers is greeted with deep valleys, grand meadows and much more.

We are sure you would have a lot to see which will widen your eyes with excitement and anticipation here. With over 12,000 km of continuous hiking trails and the lengthy sections of John Muir and Pacific Crests trails, there’s a lot to unveil for the rock climbers.


Go hiking or rock climbing in Yosemite National Park, USA.

Go hiking or rock climbing in Yosemite National Park, USA.


You can go for the impressive hike of half dome for the giddy final summit push. With California’s oldest ski field (Badger Pass), 150 km of cross country ski trails and 18 km of bike trail you would surely be soaked into the aura of this intoxicating place.

And don’t miss the big hit views of Yosemite Falls, El Capitan, Half Dome along with the groves of giant sequoias. 

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