5 Ways Backpackers Can Make the Most of their UK Travel

5 Ways Backpackers Can Make the Most of their UK Travel

If you’re an absolute travel buff, the United Kingdom (UK) is one of the best countries on earth to feed your wanderlust cravings. From its bizarre architectures, fairytale-like castles, exquisite National Parks, all the natural and wondrous sceneries scattered everywhere, and of course, the home of Her Majesty. 

Since it’s an enormous place to travel to, the best thing you can do is to go backpacking in the United Kingdom! Don’t feel wary, because as long as you stick with the next pages, your backpacking concerns are all covered. 

So, start making your dream to stroll around the magnificent grounds of the UK to come into reality. Check out the following tips on how you can make the most of your UK adventure!


1. Know the best time to visit the country

But if you want to be mesmerised with the lively trees that bloom with fiery-red and orange leaves, and experience an average temperature of 10°C, then the months of September to November are the most ideal time to book your UK tour. 

One of the few things you might not want to forget whenever you set foot in one place is the best time of the year to visit. This is for you to be aware also of the most appropriate clothes to wear so you wouldn’t sweat all out during summer with your layers of clothing or wouldn’t freeze in winter. 

The glorious country of the UK consists of four distinct seasons which may change from time to time. Though it’s usually rainy in the UK so bringing an umbrella to your backpacking trip is a lot of help. 

But of course, it’s all up to your preference if you want to experience either the autumn, spring, summer, or winter season in the place. It’s said England is usually the warmest UK country, next is Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. 

Typically, winter is experienced between the months of December to February from where the temperature reaches 5°C. If you want to experience the UK’s summer season from where the temperature reaches 22°C, then you better book a flight between the months of June and August. 

The spring season is best experienced during the months of March to May with an average temperature of 14°C. But if you want to be mesmerised with the lively trees that bloom with fiery-red and orange leaves, and experience an average temperature of 10°C, then the months of September to November are the most ideal time to book your UK tour. 


2. Note down the well-known spots around the UK

Note down the well-known spots around the UK

As a backpacker, you tend to maximise your time to see most of the grandest offers of the places that you visit. And since the UK is a huge place, careful planning of your itinerary or places to visit is a must. 

Well, good thing that this article has something just for backpackers like you. You can check on the list below which well-known spots you might want to see as you go on your UK travel. 


Places to visit in England: 

It’s said that England is accommodating millions of backpackers or travellers annually which made it known to be the most-visited UK country. You might want to see these top 12 most suggested places to visit in England and find out why this place is a certified people’s magnet!

  1. Lake District
  2. Corfe Castle
  3. The Cotswolds
  4. Cambridge
  5. Bath
  6. Bristol
  7. Oxford
  8. Norwich
  9. Stonehenge
  10. London
  11. Birmingham
  12. Manchester


Places to visit in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is also a perfect place to explore the wonders of the UK. As a backpacker, you can effortlessly delve into its exceptional valleys, rugged coastline, eye-catching castles and cities, and many more!

Take a look at this list of the perfect attractions only found in beautiful Northern Ireland. The list of places where you can experience serene and fairytale kind of life. 

  1. Giant’s Causeway
  2. Belfast
  3. The Dark Hedges
  4. Glens of Antrim
  5. Carrickfergus Castle
  6. Old Bushmills Distillery
  7. Kinbane Castle
  8. Dunluce Castle
  9. Ulster Folk and Transport Museum
  10. Derry (also known for Londonderry)


Places to Visit in Scotland 

Even Scotland isn’t as prominent as other countries around the UK, one thing’s for sure, this isn’t a place you should belittle or overlook. If you want to take a great escape from the hustles and bustles of city life, then Scotland is one of the best choices to look up to.

Good thing that this article makes sure that you’re well-guided! So, here’s your list of the best places to visit in the dreamy country of Scotland. 

  1. Orkney
  2. Glasgow
  3. St. Andrews 
  4. Inverness
  5. Loch Lomond and the Trossachs
  6. Stirling
  7. Glencoe
  8. Hebrides
  9. Edinburgh
  10. Loch Ness


Places to visit in Wales

Like Scotland, Wales is a silent UK country yet something you shouldn’t underestimate as well.

But for backpackers who are merely after peace and relaxation rather than adventures and thrills, Wales is one of the firsts on their list. 

So, if you want to belong on the backpacker’s who are continuously loving the serene country of Wales, you better start by exploring these best-suggested places to see! 

  1. Italian Village
  2. Mumbles
  3. Aberdyfi
  4. Aberaeron
  5. Gower
  6. Castell Coch
  7. Llantrisant
  8. Aberystwyth
  9. Brecon Beacons
  10. St. Fagans
  11. Snowdonia


3. Book for the best-serviced apartment

Book for the best-serviced apartment

After a long day of travelling or flying to the thrilling country of the UK, you might feel tired, and out-of-the-mood caused by jet lag. Well, that can be resolved by having a little time of rest in the UK’s best-serviced apartments available. 

You can start by looking and booking accommodation in Birmingham, Glasgow, Antwerp, or you can also find a place to stay in Bristol, and more! Just a little reminder, since the UK has a lot of fantastic places to offer, deciding for your accommodation can give you a hard time – in a fun and positive way, though. 


4. Look for a transportation source ahead of time 

Look for a transportation source ahead of time 

Backpackers like you are known to be the experts of the roads. Finding and picking a transportation source wherever you go seems to be a piece of a cake which everyone adores about you!

Well, so to say, the UK is an ultimate backpacker-friendly as it offers a variety of transportation sources that are affordable and comfortable.

You can stroll around the different UK spots by taking a public bus ride, avail coach services, take a train ride to somewhere, book a plane ride, or you can even enjoy the place by simply walking around.


5. Savour the best-offered foods

Savour the best-offered foods

Whether you’re a backpacker or a regular traveller, your travel isn’t complete without trying the best foods in the places you’re visiting. In the UK, the specialities offered varies depending on the place you’re currently exploring. 

Don’t worry, because you don’t have to sail the stormy seas to find answers to your questions. Below is a list of the traditional foods in the UK, you must not forget to give a try!

1. Black Pudding

You can start savouring the unforgettable taste of the black pudding once you set your foot on the vicinities of either England or Scotland. Though, this pudding is made from the blood of pig so it won’t please the taste buds of the vegetarian backpackers. 


2. Sunday Roast

A traditional Sunday dinner in England offers this so-called Sunday Roast which is made from roasted meat, chewy roast potatoes, a variety of mixed veggies, Yorkshire pudding, sausage meat filling and a deliciously thick gravy!


3. Welshcake 

If you know the look of a fruit cone, then imagine it’s flattened, then there goes the image of the Welshcake. You can devour in the goodness of it when you visit Wales. It’s perfect to be chowed down into pieces either hot or cold – you can also add a bit of icing sugar, a little amount of butter and jam as you wish. 


4. Cream Tea

This is a common question you might get after your long UK travel, “did you have a taste of their famous Engling cream tea?”. Hmm, you might not want to disappoint your colleagues, huh. So, as you travel into the rich country of England, you must see to it that you’re going to have a generous sip of the cream tea which is really to die for!


5. Haggis

In the fantasy-like place of Scotland, you can try this Scottish dish made out of chopped up sheep’s heart, liver and lungs as well as oatmeal, onion, suet and spices. So, if you’re a vegetarian backpacker, just bring some snacks and say a respectful excuse to try this dish. 


6. Laverbread

Another mouth-watering speciality from Wales, the laverbread. In reality, laverbread is blended edible seaweed just like caviar. Laverbread is also known as a superfood as it’s rich in vitamins and minerals. 


7. Soda bread

First thing you might want to look for in Northern Ireland is its soda bread. Instead of the usual use of yeast in making bread, baking soda is used as an alternative. 


So, how’s your backpacker’s heart after going through the pages? If you’re still thinking twice if you can go backpacking in the glamorous land of the UK, this is the answer, of course, you can!

What are you waiting for? Start your first step on making the most memorable backpacking trip you can do in your entire life! And of course, don’t forget and hesitate to share your stories with us.

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