7 Must Have’s Essential Item While Travelling 

It’s only mid-trip that you realize you should’ve brought a power backup once your phone battery ends. Sometimes you need a flashlight or even wipes. But unfortunately, while packing, all you can remember are the clothes or the camera you want to take. 

Some essential items may not feel necessary to take with you while travelling but will make your journey easy, smart, and safe. We usually rely on the availability of common items at our destination place or the hotel. But it’s not always possible; you might not find the correct shops or may have an immediate need for it. 

Read on to know more about such must-have but oft-forgotten items to carry with you while travelling.

Luggage lock:

While it’s good to believe that people are inherently good, it’s also better to be safe than sorry. Travellers are a big target for thieves in countries where tourism is popular. People lose their precious items. While money and commodities are not big concerns, keeping your documents such as passport and visa secure is important. 

So, luggage locks will secure your items from being stolen during travelling. It may seem like a small thing, but you can also use it later to lock your hotel rooms if you feel security is not enough. Keep multiple keys, and if you’re bad with handling them use password-controlled locks. 


A headlamp is especially useful if you are going on a trek or hike. Don’t rely on mobile phones because they have a limited battery, and you might need them for other purposes. Headlamps are a convenient option as you can keep your hand free and carry your luggage. 

Multi-port USB charger: 

With the number of gadgets we carry, there is an equivalent clutter of chargers that we lose. It’s better to keep one compact multi-port USB charger for all of them. Also, in case you can’t find multiple plugs in your rooms, it will be useful. All-day clicking pictures, posting them on social media, navigating the maps, so it is necessary to charge your devices. Opt for fast and quick chargers so that you’re not stuck to the plug all day. 



You might think what a basic thing to be reminded of, right? But after the pandemic, if there is one thing that we have learned is the importance of hygiene. Wipes will help you clean any surface before using them, keeping you at least a tad bit safer from germs and bacterias. It may not kill viruses, but it can be used when there are no water facilities available. During travel, you also use public places a lot to be used to wipe door handles, bathrooms, and kitchen countertops, etc. 

Umbrella or rain gear: 

One can do a weather check, sure, but in this climate? You never know when the sun may suddenly disappear, and you’re left drenching on the streets of an unknown city. Keeping an umbrella or rain gear handy can keep you safe from rain. Bonus points if you keep at least one jacket in case it gets cold. 

Set of cutlery/plastic utensils

Fine dining places may leave you broke during your trips. It’s better to have a set of cutlery with you if you plan to get something delivered. Plastic utensils are lightweight, but if you don’t like using plastic items, go for reusable ones. 

Hanging travel toiletry bags: 

Hanging travel toiletry bags helps you to keep clean and safe during travelling. It is easy to hook and can hold essentials items like toilet paper, soap, handwash, band-aids, sunscreen,

sanitisers, and more. While most hotels do provide them for you, if they are not of decent quality or are worried about allergies, then go for carrying your own. 

Above are the underrated items you must have to carry with you while travelling. Happy journey, and stay safe! 

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