5 Fun Road Trip Games 

Road trips seem good to those who have never had road trips. There are fun moments, but only in the beginning. Later starts a whole day of boredom, frustration, and the risk of jeopardizing the relationship with your road trip partner if they speak once more. 

One way to keep yourself sane during road trips is to keep having some fun. The good old memorable road trip games can get you all to do something interesting and make the trip more exciting. It will help you get closer to your co-travellers and maybe avoid having awkward conversations. 

Story or Spin

Here’s an interesting game to play on a trip. One person will tell the story of their past life, and the other person has to guess if you’re telling the truth or trying to spin the story. The second person has to stay silent until after the story is finished. This way, you can relive some of the most memorable moments from the past, the funny, crazy, sad, or even romantic ones, and get a dose of nostalgia.

The Alphabet Song Game

This is an old game, but still, it is played with the same interest. This game can be played in two groups. The first group will start the song with any alphabet and then, the second group has to sing a song from that alphabet with which the song ends. This game can be continued endlessly till the songs that you can think of the end. The team loses if they can’t start a song on the given alphabet within 10 seconds. The alphabet game can be played with songs, names, animals, or any other thing.

Sweet and sour

This is a crazy game to play. If the first one is you, then what you have to do is to wave at passengers in passing cars. If they wave back, you will get one point, which will count as one “sweet” reaction. But if they will not wave you back, it will be counted as a” sour” point. 

Fill in the blank 

If it’s your turn, others will give you one incomplete dialogue, and you have to fill in that blank space and complete the dialogue. If you can say it right, you will get one point. If not, then you’re the loser. You have to do the same thing with other players: give them an incomplete dialogue and ask them to complete it.

Truth and dare 

The good old truth and dare. Truth and dare games will allow you to know about another person a lot. Everyone gets a chance to choose if they want to tell the truth or do something daring. If they choose truth, ask anything you want to know about them, and they will choose to give them a task that might be difficult for them to perform, but something like that can be done in the car. 

Happy Journey, have fun, and stay safe!

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