5 Exotic and Budget- Friendly Places to Visit in Europe

The year 2020 has been rough for all of us. Cut off from the world, being confined inside the house, glued to the desktop screen has been exhausting. 

Do you want to break this monotony and set on a journey to the most vital getaway of your life? Do you want to explore the cultures and places that are hidden deep beneath the surface of the glamourous world, somewhere you can be one with nature, adventure, and heritage? But are you worried about budget constraints? 

Not to worry, we have selected the top 5 places in Europe where you can go crazy and live the best time of your life without burning a hole in the pocket. 

Zadar, Croatia- A dip into the history

For: historical fantasy, architecture, peace 

Situated on the Adriatic Sea, Zadar serves as a cascade of a glorious history that extends back to the Stone age. 

It is a newly emerging tourist HubSpot that is not very crowded. So, if you like a peaceful getaway without putting on much burden on your pockets, Zadar might be the place for you. Its scenic beauty is one of a kind, and its exotic and antique history, filled with historical ruins and displaying the artistry of nature and time, is calling you out to explore them. 

You can have a relaxing walk on the old town streets, live a 12th-century lifestyle with St. Anastasia’s Cathedral basilica, one of the oldest churches in the world and feel the bountiful music of the sea. 

Sights to explore: 

  • Roman Forum 
  • Church of St. Donatus – a round building from the 9th century in pre-Romanesque style 
  • The Citadel- Built-in 1409 southwest of the Land Gate 
  • The Land Gate – 
  • The unique sea organ 
  • The Great Arsenal 

Abisko, Sweden- Land where lights dance at night

For: Natural beauty, Northern lights 

Abisko, a small village in Sápmi (Lapland), in northern Sweden, is one of the most strange places in Europe which you must visit. The place is marked by the most splendid form of nature with clear still lakes, enthusiastic rivers, chucking greenery, and an arctic climate, making you fall in love with every essence of the place. 

The most important and attractive part of the visit to Abisko is the perfectly bewildering Northern lights, and you can view them from late-September to March almost every day. It is the best place to visit if you want to feel nature in its most impeccable form. It’s a paradise for nature lovers. 

Sights to explore: 

Abisko National Park, Abisko Jokk, Silverfallet 

Bosnia and Herzegovina

For: Adventure activities and fascinating history 

Suppose you want to explore the history and have a little adventure simultaneously. In that case, Bosnia and Herzegovina are waiting for you to pack your bags and live a life of fantasy and adventure. About two-fifth of the country is covered in lush green forests and is an inhabitant of exotic animals. 

The perfectly carved architecture that sings of its rich Ottoman history is one thing to die for. Thanks to its affordable pricing and historical significance, the country is now gaining significant tourist attention. 

But the beauty of this visit lies in the little moments of picturesque sights of people playing the guitar and their homemade wine or Arabic coffee and serenading you with magical moments of joy and looking out on the Ottoman wonder village Počitelj. 

Sights to explore: Old bridge, Kravice waterfall 

Cuenca, Spain

For: Splendid architecture, city side hiking, hanging houses 

Cuenca, a city set in the mountains of east-central Spain, is undeniably the most unexplored gem of Spain. 

The city has been honored with UNESCO world heritage status. Crowned upon a limestone above the Jucar and Huecar rivers, the city expresses an exquisite picture of its well preserved “Casas Colgadas,” meaning Hanging Houses, clung to the edges of the cliff. 

Its steep cobbled streets, medieval castle ruins, colorful houses, and cathedral brimming with architecture make a perfect portrait of this city’s canvas. Scenic landscapes and rich history make the city of Cuenca stand out and a deserving destination. 

Sights to explore: Castilla-La Mancha Science Museum, The Secret Passageways at Túnel Alfonso VIII, San Pablo Bridge, Land Of Dinosaurs In The Museo Paleontologico De Cuenca, The Mangana Tower 

The Alentejo, Portugal

For: Beach and sun, Wine, Vineyard exploration, Rugged coastline, Beautiful streets 

Want to go to a beach where you can enjoy the sunshine on your skin, play with the crystal-clear waters, and most importantly, not get hassled up in the crowd but lie down on the sand and feels water washing your feet or wish to jump on colorful streets and get a perfect picture for your Instagram? 

Then the Alentejo is waiting for you with open arms and ready to enchant you with its rich cultural heritage and picturesque sightseeing places. Alentejo is perfect for a long Portugal road trip, jumping and playing on beaches, wineries, and culture, and all this with just a fraction of the crowds. 

Sights to explore: 

Comporta beach, Mértola, Vila Viçosa, Moura, Monsaraz, Cromeleque dos Almendres You are in for a trip of a lifetime if these places are in your route. Happy Journey!

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