5 Best Travel Cameras in 2021 

The travel industry is going to expand in 2021 as the pandemic ends and the vaccines are out. People spent their whole year in their houses, and now they would like to go out to take some fresh air. With this, the demand for cameras would also increase as people will want to cherish those memories, as well as use them for social media posts. 

Travel cameras need to be portable, easy to carry, and easy to use. In 2020, the camera market stays as wildly serious as anyone might imagine. There’s a gigantic scope of various alternatives to suit various financial plans, needs, and experience levels. In this rundown, you should discover something which coordinates every one of the three And we have taken five cameras in the categories of best compact, mirrorless, action, DSLR, and instant camera. 

Starting with these in our list first, we have PANASONIC TZ200: 


Panasonic TZ200 is currently the best camera all around and it is portable and comes with the best high-image-quality after its predecessor TZ100. For the extra money from the TZ100, it gives you more flexibility with a 15x optical zoom. With higher resolution, better screen and higher battery life it gives you a finer experience for the photos that you click. SONY RX100 VII 

If you have a high budget to spend, then Sony RX100 VII is the best camera that you can have as it comes with a flexible pop-up viewfinder and it is a very pocket-friendly camera. It also has one large one-inch sensor for the perfect picture with a nice flexible zoom lens for capturing the action. It also has a microphone slot for the vlogger’s community for connecting the microphone and it is very good for still shooting photographers. As compared to its older version VI it is very good for its features and quality. 

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III 

Olympus Mark III is the best that you can get. In every camera what you look for is compactness, versatility, and efficiency. The Olympus mark III

provides all three in it. It’s light and small and even weatherproof with its polycarbonate body and it offers various modes to a photographer. It also comes with a powerful image processor, autofocus, and one of the best image stabilization skills for perfect photography. 

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VII 

Sony’s RX100 is the main pocket-sized camera to include a large 1.0-inch sensor. It is very good for capturing movements like the RX100 VI, which comes with a larger focal point. And this camera is very good for photos in bright light because of its very advanced viewfinder and the longer focal point length. It includes some features that you may not use, for example, a 90fps burst mode. The major drawback of this model is that it is very costly, however, if you need the most elite camera for your movements – it could simply be the one for you. 


 Canon’s Mark II is a medium-sized camera that can easily fit your pocket. It has a well-performing one-inch sensor which is combined with an adaptable 24-120mm long-range focal point. It offers a 4K account, In case you’re a committed travel vlogger you should check not go for it because of the microphone slot issue where you don’t have a dedicated slot for it. This camera is very useful for shooting in very bright lights as well as it comes with the pop-up EVF (viewfinder) in it. 

The final choice will depend upon your needs, experience level, and frequency of use. Also, don’t forget to follow the precautions for safety!


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